Why Marilyn Monroe would like us today…

Marilyn Monroe – what can you say about her?  Every woman wants to be her and every man wants to have her.  It doesn’t matter if you believe she was a great woman or a slut.  It doesn’t matter if you think she was a victim of overdose or murder.  It doesn’t even matter if you lived during her lifetime or you are a younger person just being introduced to her allure.  Marilyn Monroe is the epitome of feminine charm and mystique.   Everyone knows who she is, what she looked like and that she died too young.

Writing a novel about her unlived life was really awesome.  We utilized the popular idea that she was murdered, took into account that perhaps the persons who ordered the hit would have a change of heart and then ran with the story from there.  With so many new facts coming to light as the 50th anniversary of her death draws near, it is the perfect time to imagine that the events of that summer in 1962 could have been altered and the course of history may have altered as well.


In What She Knew the historical timeline is followed closely making this fictional novel a believable and somewhat plausible story.  We incorporate all of Marilyn Monroe’s circles from the political arenas to the Vegas scene and Frank Sinatra to her Hollywood pals.  You don’t want to miss this action packed novel.


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