Where did Marilyn Monroe find inspiration?

We loved researching Marilyn Monroe for our last book because all we had ever known of her was that she was and is considered one of the sexiest women – EVER.  She was an intelligent woman who knew how to hide it well.  She believed that men in particular and people in general didn’t need to know that she had over 160 IQ.

Marilyn found her inspiration in learning new things every day.  She loved to read and was in the process of learning Spanish at her death.  Some her favorites were Leo Tolstoy, a hard read under any circumstance, and some Shakespeare.

She started keeping notebooks and journals in the last few years of her life.  She never wasted an opportunity to learn about any subject.  Marilyn was in the rare position of being involved in the Hollywood scene, political arenas, and even mafia ties compliments of the Rat Pack.  She would take notes on politics and current world events in order to have intelligent conversations with the people or groups she found herself in.

She never considered herself ‘too good’ for anyone and would gladly stop and share a drink with a total stranger (when time permitted) allowing her exceptional listening skills to ingratiate her with whomever she was with.  Talking with someone she didn’t know gave her new incites and helped to satisfy her curiosity for knowledge and others perspectives.

So, where do you find your inspiration?  We’d love to know.

K.R. Hughes and T.L. Burns








2 thoughts on “Where did Marilyn Monroe find inspiration?

  1. I find my inspiration from the people around me. People I have met like… well you and others on our group. But also people I’ve come across all my life.

    I had no idea Marilyn was so smart.

  2. I find my inspiration from The Creator and life it self. It wasn’t untill my mid twenties I was inspired, to become a candle designer and aromatherapist, although I enjoyed candles and sweet scents as a child. I’m impressed with how opened minded Marilyn Monroe was.

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