Marilyn Monroe pics

Marilyn Monroe pics

We love this picture of Marilyn dressed like Jackie Kennedy. What is your favorite pic?


4 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe pics

    • Thanks for asking, Kim Emerson. The novel, What She Knew, has a great scene in it where Marilyn Monroe actually dresses up like Jackie Kennedy. Gotta love her spunk! BTW – What She Knew will be released soon!

  1. Marilyn was NOT dressing up as Jackie Kennedy! She was simply doing a photo shoot for Vogue and thought it would be fun to put on a wig, which is how she looked when she wanted to go out and not be recognized. It would have been tasteless and completely out of character for her to mock another woman publicly; Marilyn never so much as said a cross word about anyone publicly let alone mocked them.

    Also, two of the photos in that collage are not actually Marilyn (one is Lisa Marie Presley), the one of her with JFK is a photoshopped fake, and the ”quote” photo has a quote that she never actually said.

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