Marilyn Monroe and the 50 year itch

It seems like everywhere you look these days you see the most alluring face in history.  Oh, Marilyn Monroe would have argued about that, but let’s look at these facts.  She is still doing commercials for perfumes with Charlize Theron and Grace Kelly.  She is on every marketable item from key chains to notebooks to posters and more.  Monroe movies are still selling because the fact is; every woman wants to be Marilyn Monroe and every man wants Marilyn Monroe.  She oozed sexuality on-screen and in life that have made her the icon she was and is.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of her death and Hollywood knows how to make it memorable.  There are new movies with interesting titles if boring plots: My week with Marilyn is a prime example.  With all of the hype about the most recognized and beloved woman in all the world, it’s no wonder that her big anniversary is drawing attention.

During this year and particularly around the summer you will see more and more of Marilyn Monroe and her likeness, wanna bes and impersonators.  There was only one real Marilyn and we’d like to believe that she was much more than just a sex symbol and a beautiful face.

She enjoyed reading and learning.  One of her favorite authors was Leo Tolstoy.  Not an easy read under any circumstances but Marilyn Monroe’s IQ was over 160.  For those who say she wasn’t a great actress, imagine trying to play the dumb blonde for a film when your IQ screams back to act intelligent.

What man wants a smart woman?  Especially at the height of her career?  Not many but Joe DiMaggio understood Marilyn and loved her for who she was.  Although they couldn’t live together because of her super stardom he never stopped loving her and had flowers put on her grave every week until he died.  That’s saying something.

So whether she has touched your life deeply or is just someone you recognize on a poster, stop and ponder her true nature and what her life would have been if she hadn’t of risen to become one of Hollywood’s most sought after actress’.

Would she have gone to college and become another Einstein?  Maybe she would have had the children she so dearly wanted and a husband to take care of her.  Perhaps she would have been an excellent journalist with a major newspaper.  The possibilities are endless.  Let’s try to think of Marilyn Monroe as a real flesh and blood human with feelings and emotions and not so much of who she was as an actress.





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