Thing 1 and Thing 2

When writing as a two-man team, the duo is presented with a myriad of challenges.

(1) Who is the main writer?

(2) Who has the last say for direction?

(3) Who is responsible for the plot?

(4) Who is responsible for character development?

(5) Who is the primary researcher?

Well, you get the drift.  For anyone on the outside, it may seem that it’s all about control or knowing your place.  Who is Thing 1 and who’s Thing 2?  For those of us on the inside, who are experiencing great success as a two-man writing team, it has nothing at all to do with control.

The two-man team must be interchangeable. As team mates, we must be both a great leader and a humble follower.   When one of the team is off on a great muse, the other comes along side and shores up any holes that exist. They enable the other to excel. In this way, the team ends up with an awesome product.

In order to be effective in team writing, it’s so important to understand the gift mix of each member of the team.  Applying this principle has been the biggest factor in our success as a writing team.  For us, we celebrate the fact that one of us is great at research and the other is great at story telling.

When you understand and honor the gift mix of your team, you get an awesome product.  Oh, and a by-product of celebrating each others gift is  having a blast while working!

We are living proof of this.  Check out our book, What She Knew, and you will see for yourself.


12 thoughts on “Thing 1 and Thing 2

  1. Finding such a teammate, as in most any working relationship, has got to be very difficult. They each must first overcome the hurdles of thing 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

  2. Ok, how often should the writers talk about the project ? I don’t want to seem like a crazy person looking over their back.

    • Both partners are aware, 100%, what the other one is doing. For us, daily communication is so vital! Even if we are not working on the project, we are always brainstorming. If one of us has a great idea that could take the research on another path, we share that as soon as possible. In this way, we are both completely current and ‘in the know.’ We love what we do and therefore, live and breath it.

  3. My co-author and I are going about this totally differently. I’m doing the 1st draft and then she is doing the 2nd draft. And then we will decide where to take it from there. In our case it was thought of by a 3rd party, non-writer. I have more knowledge of the topic and for a lark offered to co-write it. We came up with a few different ways to handle it and in the end decided on this one. So I have given co-author my basic plot and the main characters and now I’m very, very, very slowly writing the story.

  4. Great article. I have never worked with a co-author and can’t fathom what it would be like. You two seem to have it down pat and make it sound like so much fun. Thanks for sharing!

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