SMASH – Love it or Hate it?

Last night amid much hub-bub CBS launched the most anticipated new series of the mid-season slump. We thought it was amazing. The dance numbers were fabulous while the main characters pull you into the story. We love the fact they’re trying to brand Marilyn Monroe as a serious actress and not the joke she was portrayed in Hollywood by jealous peeps in the biz.

Marilyn Monroe is an icon, one that has never lost her sex-appeal, despite the fact she has been dead for 50 years this coming August. What is it about her?

Was it because she was beyond the sexiest woman ever onscreen? Was it the charm she oozed onscreen and off? Perhaps it was her deep need to be loved for who she really was and not the image that no real person could ever live up to.

We pose these questions to you today and ask that you give us your candid comments. Be sure to add your take on last night’s pilot episode of SMASH.


3 thoughts on “SMASH – Love it or Hate it?

  1. I wish I could comment on the show, but alas – no TV in my home (by choice). I will venture to say that some of Marilyn Monroe’s appeal today has to do with her untimely death. It has left a feeling of “I’m not sure I buy the story”. And when we are fed a story around something like this we, as humans, just naturally what to know more; want to know the real deal!

  2. That is very true and we haven’t really subscribed to the suicide theory. We would like to believe that she lived her life to the fullest. She knew what she wanted and went after it with everything in her. We’d like to think she went on past that fateful night in August 1962 to live a full life, even if it was unbeknownst to the world. It’s a much kinder idea and one worth exploring.

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