In the beginning…..2

In the beginning, K.R. was already an accomplished, published author. T.L., not so much. T.L. was a full-time minister, working with at-risk families. So how did we end up as a writing duo you ask? It’s all K.R.’s fault, I assure you!

A little history about us: K.R. and I are best friends; sisters by choice. We have known each other for many years now, and are ‘mom #2’ to each other’s kids. Together, we have gone through many triumphs and a few tragedies.

K.R. has the gift of writing, she really does. Her fingers slide over the keyboard like a concert pianist over the keys of a baby grand. In ‘her’ creative writing class, she was given an assignment that changed ‘our’ life. She and I came up with the story idea together, and she did not hesitate to say to me (and I remember this vividly) “You do the research and I’ll do the writing.”

Me, research? Okay. I can get into that, it’ll be a fun project. It’s only a week. So, I did a ton of research, she writes what is essentially Chapter 2 of the book, and presents it to the class. Her instructor (who is a two-time Rita Award winning author) looks her in the eye and says “If you don’t make this into a novel, you’re an idiot. This is a best-selling idea.”

And the rest is history as they say. And looking back, it really didn’t take her that long to convince me. You see, I was already hooked on the story and wanted to see where it would lead.


6 thoughts on “In the beginning…..2

  1. Jumping up and down, I’m hooked too! Can’t WAIT until the release. And I want to know – who wins the role of Marilyn Monroe on SMASH? I don’t have TV, so I have to wait until it is posted online on NBC. Do you guys know yet?

    • We had to DVR it last night but will watch it today. We’ll let you know! The release is very close. We are in the final review with the cover and insides! Woot! Hopefully by the 1st of March.

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