Marilyn Monroe – the role in SMASH goes to Ivy Lynn

While the character of Ivy Lynn is a strong Marilyn type in her later years, it was our understanding that the whole purpose of the musical was to show the transformation from Norma Jean to Marilyn Monroe. We don’t see how the show will pull that off with Ivy Lynn’s character as opposed to Karen Cartwright. Karen has the innocence and freshness to make a much more believable Marilyn as a young woman starting out in the terrifying business of a star.

We would love to see how Ivy Lynn can go back to her age of innocence after sleeping with the director of the musical. Is that still the way women have to get to the top – literally – of the ladder? We personally believe that the morals and sweetness of Karen Cartwright is much more likeable than a woman who will do anything to get the cherished role.

While Angelica Houston’s character is concerned that she may be too perfect, Derek Wells seems to think that they have made the right choice.

The music and dance numbers are really exciting and the portrayal of Marilyn’s life looks to be honoring to her as well as understanding. We can’t wait to see how creative SMASH will get as the episodes go on.

What do you think? Does anyone else out there wish they had gone with the talented yet more emotionally raw Karen Cartwright?


11 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe – the role in SMASH goes to Ivy Lynn

  1. I am speechless… Well not really. Here’s what I think is going to happen. Ivy Lynn is going to trip out over something and they are going to replace her with Karen Cartwright. That is what I am hoping for anyway…

    • I think Karen will eventually get the role, but I don’t want her to get it by default. I want her to earn it. I want the writers to give her character more depth, more range so that at some point the powers that be will wake up to the fact that only Karen can be Marilyn, the way only Norma Jean could be Marilyn. If Karen gets the role because Ivy implodes, unravels, or loses credibility (which I think she will) it will be disappointing to me. The triumphant understudy in the wings has been done and done and done. It’s a cliche that I hope these writers avoid. The writers missed a golden opportunity to give Karen some depth in the last episode. How much more fun it would have been to anticipate the next episode if in addition to Karen having been shut out of the role, she also had been shut out of her boyfriend’s affections – at least for awhile. Each one of these episodes are like chapters in a book, or stones in a diamond necklace. If one chapter or one stone is flawed, the entire entity is flawed. So far, episode one was perfect – episode two was definitely flawed. I hope the writers recoup in episode three.

  2. I cnat wait to see now!! I got to get cought up so i cna watch some tv– I do take time for the voice- I record and fast forward comercilas and some of the chit chat – cuts 2 hours ot one!1lol

  3. Linda,
    I enjoyed reading your take on it and wow! I still haven’t watched the second episode, so I can’t really give an opinion of the show itself – only that I am disappointed in the choice and to tell you the truth I think they did that on purpose. 🙂 I have to agree with the cliche comment. Great food for thought!

    KR and TL, who are the writers of the series?

    • SMASH was created by Theresa Rebeck and she wrote the pilot script. Scott Burkhardt has come along side to write with Theresa the rest of the season (14 episodes.) It is being produced by Steven Spielberg. The original music (which rocks by the way) is by composers Marc Shaiman and Scott Whittman.

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