In the beginning…..3

Author. What comes to mind when you hear that word? When you are an author and someone asks you “What do you do?” – what response to you get?

We have been told that being authors must be glamorous and exciting. We must be able to go anywhere, have doors opened for us, and have diet drinks pressed upon us. For some reason, just saying the words ‘I am an author’ makes the recipient’s eyes open wide and an expectent awe fills the air. We know, it happens every day to us.

BOOM!! (That’s reality smashing your author-vision.) Being an author is SO NOT what most people think. We believe there are many professions suffering under this illusion: actors, directors, singers, etc all have the ‘glam tag’ attached to them. Reality check: being an author is work. It’s painful, depressing, and frustrating – and that’s a good day. Oh, no, we’re not talking about the researching and writing, that’s the fun part. It’s after the book is complete that’s rough.

We happen to be in the frustrating part right now. Even though we finished the book before last August, we are far from the real finished product. You see, now the hard part begins. We have been with a publisher since last August and were supposed to have the book out by Black Friday. Ahem. It is now nearly three months later and we are just now to the final draft for approval. Our agent, bless her heart, keeps telling us “It’s going to be great! Don’t worry.”

So we do what authors do best, write. We write on the sequel, we write our blog, we tweet -although that isn’t writing exactly and we research our writing. We subscribe and write to various people about the subjects that interest us and our characters lives, we try to interact with other authors who have been down this road and hit bumps and potholes that would swallow a compact car whole.

On a happy note, we got our “What She Knew” pens yesterday and they look FABULOUS!!!


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