SMASH – before episode 3 airs

Tonight’s gonna be a good, good night! At least, we sure do hope so! It’s the third episode of SMASH and we’re anxious to watch it. Perhaps this episode will explain some things that were left undone. For example, we were disappointed that they chose Ivy Lynn as Marilyn and not Karen. We loved her voice and enjoyed her passionate yet innocent presence.

So far we’ve only gleaned surface bits and pieces of the lives of the main characters and not much more. It’s not enough to really draw us or our emotions into any one of the characters except for Karen, who, unfortunately didn’t get the part of Marilyn.

What questions do you want to have answered? Where would you like to see the show go? What are your thoughts on this series? We think there is a ton of potential and we’d love to see how Stephen Spielberg will develop this terrific concept. Will this show be the SMASH they’ve hyped it up to be? We certainly hope so.


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