SMASH – and the plot thickens

SMASH is now three episodes in. So, what have we learned other than the music rocks?

1) Financial backing will be slim pickings.
2) Ivy is madly in love.
3) Karen has the best parents and sweetest boyfriend.
4) Tom’s assistant is an evil little imp.
5) And, Julia isn’t over ‘it’.

But, do we really care? No! All the above is great, but what we care about is seeing Marilyn. Oh, yes, and the music. Much more music please.

We still say that Karen makes the better Marilyn. The Marilyn that’s on the journey is just not Ivy. She makes a great later in life Marilyn.

So, what do you think? How do you feel about the ‘behind the scenes drama?’ Do you, like us, want more Marilyn?


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