How about a little Razzle Dazzle from Marilyn today?

Marilyn Monroe in Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend.

Recently Charlize Theron, Grace Kelly, and numerous other noted sex symbols including Marilyn Monroe were utilized in a commerical for a famous fragrance.  We’re thinking of doing an entire marketing campaign around our novel, What She Knew. 

Tag line:  What She Knew: Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend, and then some famous jeweler can endorse it. 

Tell us your thoughts or opinion about this concept.  We love hearing from you.



12 thoughts on “How about a little Razzle Dazzle from Marilyn today?

  1. Interesting idea. Do you have to be concerned about Marilyn as a public figure within your campaign … ie, her as a public figure? It’s a question which has always fascinated me, & seeing how writers work that. All the best! ; >

    • Great question. Because she is a public figure and no longer under certain public domain laws, she can be used or her image or look a like without issue. Unless we use a copyrighted pic of her.

      We’ve also contacted her estate and they would be willing to work with us or a big backer to use certain photos or likenesses of her.

  2. This sounds really great! I saw this and immediately thought of the new show SMASH! Which I am LOVING so far… Logged in here, looked to the right and WOOT! a SMASH blog lol Great Idea, Lots of luck to you guys!

  3. Sounds you have an excellent marketing idea going on! Think about it, the ‘new’ sexy, girlie stars, who are marketing different items, can’t even hold a candle to ‘Marilyn’ beauty and sex appeal!

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