What made Marilyn, Marilyn?

All of us have quirks. It’s what makes us, us. So, we thought you might to know some of the quirks that made Marilyn, Marilyn.

Because Marilyn was an insomniac, she had a very regimented bed time ritual to help her get to sleep. Eunice (her housekeeper) put blackout curtains on her bedroom windows and would bring her a glass of warm milk. Marilyn put on a fresh bra (she didn’t want her boobs to sag) and took pills to help her sleep. After swallowing the pills; she would wash her face and rinse it fifteen times (exactly) every night. Then she would go to bed and put on an eye mask and ear plugs in the totally darkened room.

Knowing this about her, it really makes us wonder how in the world when she was found after her death, she was naked. It is well known that she always wore her bra and pj bottoms. Makes you think, huh?

Do you have a bedtime ritual? Share with us. We would love to know what makes you, you.


21 thoughts on “What made Marilyn, Marilyn?

  1. After I put my girls down, I wash my face, heat a cup of tea and indulge in a television show if I’ve taped one. Then I read for about an hour before crashing for a few hours. It’s almost scary how excited I get about that 2 hours of me time I get at night. 🙂

  2. Very interesting to me… things just don’t line up for a suicide.

    As for me, I have to get everything lined up for morning, clothes, make-up, hair la-las etc or I can’t sleep. I guess that’s me trying to prepare for the future or something. LOL

  3. Wow this is awesome info! Also I agree about the finding her naked odd.–I take a long Bath with candles lit and my mp3 player with nice bathsalts.I have a hard time relaxing. then i put on my warm fuzzy pjs(in winter) grab my kindle and read for an hour or however long,in very quiet room. i cant get up and move around or i will never gt to sleep–yes i am eccentric too guess that’s why i love Marilyn

  4. A bachelor: undress in a dark bedroom, pull back the covers, laydown on right side, recover, sleep within 3mins or less.

  5. That is very strange that MR was found naked, after wearing a bra before bed for so long. Before I go to bed, I love to run my body down with my balancing aromatherapy cream, cuddle with a book to read or listen to untill I drift off to sleep.

  6. My bedtime ritual is….change (If needed) clean off bed, make bed, make it ready to sleep in, put on tv, turn to music channel, charge phone next to me, and last but not least go the bathroom then goto bed. (Sometimes I do the dishes before bed!)

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