Murder most foul!

With all the research we have done for ‘What She Knew,’ it’s just too much of a stretch to think that Marilyn killed herself.  At the time of her death she had just ordered some new furniture, was in the middle of learning Spanish and was in the process of reorganizing her life.
So, what really happened?  Will we ever know the truth?  Like so many things in life, with all the principle people involved now deceased, we may never know what really happened on that night almost fifty years ago.  Not in this lifetime, for sure.
However, by piecing together documented characteristics of Marilyn; along with, until recently anyway, largely ignored evidence, we think we can come to our own conclusions and feel very sure of our findings.
In a previous post, we talked about her night time habits, and how ‘impossible’ it was for her to be found nude and on top of the covers.  Take that along with what one eye witness reported they saw.  In 1975, a neighbor testified to Anthony Scaduto, a freelance investigative reporter in L.A., that on the night of Marilyn’s death she had seen Bobby Kennedy and Peter Lawford at her (Marilyn’s) house before midnight.
Hmmmm.  I wonder what they could have been doing at Marilyn’s house?  Did they just pop by for a friendly visit? Were they in the neighborhood and stopped off for a night cap?  No, hardly.  Their visit was very much purposed and they had very specific instructions to carry out. Instructions from the president no less.  They were trying to convince Marilyn that she and JFK could no longer be together and that she just needed to go quietly.  Think of his family and the presidency they said.

You see, Marilyn had just threatened that she was going to hold a press conference. And this was not a press conference about her future plans as an actress. No, she told the Kennedy’s, JFK specifically, that she was going to blow the whistle on their affair. She would not tollerate being treated like an old shoe. He needed to man up, not hide behind his family.

Interesting, wouldn’t you say? With all the world looking and listening to Marilyn’s every word, would you agree that JFK and the Kennedy family had a lot to lose if Marilyn came out and announced to the world that they were lovers? Remember, this is 1962, a much different ‘public’ world existed at that time. John F Kennedy had ‘everything’ to lose.

10 thoughts on “Murder most foul!

  1. The rumor that she was going to blow the whistle on the affair came from Jeane Carmen who is a proven liar. Just sayin’…

    • There were plenty of reliable sources that knew Marilyn was going to hold such a press conference. We have uncovered lots of interesting facts in our research for both What She Knew and the sequel which has uncovered truly fascinating information. Thank you so much for your comment. We, too, had discredited Jeane Carmen as a reliable source. Good comment!

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