And the journey continues

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live a ‘stars’ life?

Quick snap shot: You wake up in the morning feeling refreshed; have your favorite beverage, newspaper and fresh-cut rose brought to you on a tray; your bedroom curtains are opened for you to a beautiful, sunny day (facing the garden of course); and your clothes are all laid out before you. You read a bit of the paper while drinking your favorite beverage and then head to the powder room (no one calls it a bathroom if you are a star). POOF!

Sorry, the snap shot has just imploded! As silly as the snap shot was, we are all guilty of dreaming about ‘that’ life! The perfect life. Whatever your fantasy life is – no money troubles, fun travel, or a bedroom window facing a beautiful garden – you are THE ONE who can make it happen.

My hubby (this is T. L.) and I were having one of those talks last night. I was being all depressed about how loooonnnggg the publisher is taking and how they make nothing but empty promises. Very frustrating, for sure. However, he said something very profound to me. “No one is going to be more passionate about your dream than you.”

True. I know this. Have always known this, at least in my head. But, last night I understood it in my heart. I am my number one fan, my number one promoter, and my number one go to girl! I have the power to shake things up and make things happen. I will just have to work harder and smarter at it.

Even Marilyn had moments like these. Times when nothing seemed to be going right for her. Because of missing so much time on the set, she had been fired by Fox Studios. She could have said, ‘Oh, well, poor me” and done nothing. However, being the determined lady she was, she rallied. The weekend before her death, Marilyn had been rehired to finish “Something’s Got To Give” with Dean Martin and signed on for “What a Way To Go” with Dick Van Dyke and Gene Kelly to fulfill her contract with Fox Studios.

You see, no one has a ‘stars’ life. All of us have struggles and triumphs. It is said “into every life a little rain must fall,” the only real question is “did you pack your umbrella?”


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