Challenunities abound!!

Good Day Everyone! As we journey through life, all of us are presented with both challenges and opportunities. Usually, at the same time. So, K.R. and I like to say, challenunities. It seems more fun when facing one of these mixed blessings to use words we’ve made up. Also, combining takes the sting out of the challenges and puts realism back into the opportunities. In other words, it makes the challenge less intimidating and the opportunity less ‘pie in the skyish’.

On this journey of ours, we have met many wonderful people. And in one such place, MasterKoda, we have had the privilege of getting to know some of these wonderful people better than we might, even if we lived next door to one another! Cathy Brockman, author of ‘Luke’s Dragon’; Karen Magill, author of ‘The Bond, A Paranormal Love Story’ and ‘Let Us Play, A Rock ‘N Roll Love Story’; Sian Young, author and owner of Sian’s Graphics and Banners; Danny Kemp, author of ‘The Desolate Garden’; Denise Kennedy, author of ‘I Wish I Were’; Serena Gibson, founder and owner of Serena Sweet-Aromas; and Arlene O’Neil author of ‘Broken Spokes’ are just a few such persons we have had the honor to get to know. There are so many more we could name!!

It seems the more we learn about each other, the more our lives are all really the same. They are all wonderful examples of challenunities. As a wife/husband, mom/dad, entrepreneur, author, day-job holder, chief chore-doer, etc. we all face many of the same challenunities: stopped up drains, deadlines, chronic illnesses, moving, job loss/new job, car troubles, finishing a project/starting a project, just to name a few. And what we’ve learned is that it’s how we approach and view these challenunities that matters. Our approach will make the difference between success or failure; coming thru or staying trapped; and living with grace or living with defeat.

The friends we have made on MasterKoda have shown us how to live with grace and thrive! We encourage all of you to check out a few these people and learn their stories first hand. You will be surprised what they have not only lived through with grace but have also thrived through with success.

Here is how you can read about each one:

Kim Mutch Emerson: Director and Marketer of, ‘Home of Lovers of the Written Word.’ And to these two authors, she is our very life-line on how to succeed in the book world. We invite you to check out her web site at and visit her awesome group on Facebook as well.

Cathy Brockman: Author of ‘Luke’s Dragon – Lightning Strikes’ available at and radio co-host for on Thursdays at 5cst. Along with her very-full life of family, gardening and writing, she always finds time to encourage and promote someone else.

Karen Magill: Author of ‘The Bond, A Paranormal Love Story’ and ‘Let Us Play, A Rock ‘N Roll Love Story’ both available at In the midst of Karen’s busy life, she promotes a new author/entrepreneur every single day on her Facebook page! Wow, thank you so much Karen! What an awesome example for all of us to follow.

Sian Young: Author and owner of ‘Sian’s Graphics and Banners’ and radio co-host for on Thursdays at 5cst. Not only is she an awesome encourager, she is very inquisitive!! We love following her musings.
Facebook: Sian Young

Danny Kemp: Author of ‘The Desolate Garden’ available at He has a rich past, which is why his book rings true to mystery buffs like us!! Danny, as it turns out, is an awesome photographer too! We love the photo’s he posts. We can always count on Danny for encouragement, little known facts and a laugh!!

Denise Kennedy: Author of ‘I Wish I Were’ available at is one of the best children’s books we have read in a long time! Also, Denise has one of the best blogs on the net! Always encouraging and helpful, she never ceases to amaze us with her deep insight into what is most important in a person’s life.
Facebook: AuthorDeniseKennedy

Serena Gibson: Founder and owner of Serena Sweet-Aromas, wholesome handcrafted bath and body products available at If you need pampering, sweet aromas is for you! Serena is great at giving encouragement! As an example, she is donating some of her world-famous rose candles for our Amazon Party when our novel ‘What She Knew’ is released in a few weeks. Woo Hoo!! We cannot thank you enough for this generous gift!!
Facebook: Serena Sweet-AromasGibson

Arlene O’Neil: Author of ‘Broken Spokes’ available at She is an advocate for all animals and a huge supporter of our military. Her son is serving his fifth tour right now (Thank you so much!!). Arlene is always one of the first to show her support to all of us on MasterKoda! Check out her story ‘Broken Spokes,’ you will be uplifted by her courage and determination through insurmountable odds.
Facebook: Arlene O’Neil

We hope you a very blessed week!


12 thoughts on “Challenunities abound!!

  1. WoW. Ladies thank you so very much. What kindness you have shown. I appreciate you so much. Atlanta and chat one day I promise.
    Hey just as a side note; my book is for hearts of all ages, in case any romantic loving adults fancy it for someone they love.
    Thanks again ladies. You are truly a blessing! Grateful gal in Ireland sends lots of love. XxxX Denise

    • Thank you Denise! We will let everyone know it’s for hearts of all ages!! Have a wonderful day in beautiful Ireland!! We look forward to meeting you face to face someday!! love, kim and tamy

  2. I’m so teary eyes right now, words can’t express how to type and show how truly great-full I’m to have met you wonderful ladies. It is so amazing how much we all really do have in common. Thank you so much for being apart of my life!

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