And the journey continues…

Hi all!

So much has been going on these last few days. We feel like we are in a whirlwind of activity. Thankfully, we are not the only ones who are actively working on this project!! We thought we would take a moment and fill you in on the latest.

First we learned that our author books were ready. So very exciting let us just say!! We ordered them right away and are now anxiously awaiting their arrival!! After we receive them, if all is right with the world and the book, we will then be able to shout from the roof tops “Publish!” Oh, and right after the shout-out, we run to the computer and send the electronic notice to the publisher to publish.

Second we were informed that our Press Release had been prepared. Woo Hoo!! Sounds so official, doesn’t it? With a little word-smithing from us, it is now ready to release. Wow, it’s almost time to tell the masses about us and the book!! (We’re not nervous, why do you ask? Should we be? Oh, my, we should be, shouldn’t we? Well, you’ve done it now. We are VERY nervous! Deep breaths…..)

Third our wonderful, talented agent, Janet Espy, has been diligently working on our book signing tour amongst other things for the book. We already have four large ones in Atlanta set-up and then we head to our home state of Texas, Amarillo to be exact. There, over the course of two weeks, we will have signings in Amarillo and neighboring city’s; then it’s off to New Mexico and Oklahoma. We’re already feeling the road beneath our tushies!! (Hopefully, by now the jitters will have subsided.)

And let’s not forget the on-line Amazon Party preparations. So much to do by the first part of April. Thank the Lord for Kim Emerson and MasterKoda. MasterKoda is taking care of everything for the online party. If you need book promotion services, MasterKoda is the one to talk too. Trust us, this isn’t our first rodeo!!

Wow, and all of this in the span of about five days. Crazy good fun! Over this next week, we will be busy preparing ourselves for the MasterKoda Conference (our book is one of the featured books at the conference.) We are also working on several blog interviews; as well as, a few radio and TV interviews. And, of course, every day is ‘promote and connect day.’ With that said, we just have to take a minute and thank Tasha Turner! Tasha is a one-on-one social coach and an author. She understands this crazy world we writers live in! From early on in our journey, Tasha has always taken the time to not only encourage us, but give us sound advice and guidance. Like MasterKoda, we highly recommend Tasha Turner Coaching for all your social media needs. For your convenience, we have included their links at the bottom of this blog.

On a personal note, we have two upcoming graduations that we are excited about. T.L.’s son is graduating from college and K.R.’s niece is graduating from High School. Needless to say, April and May are going to be busy months for us. Oh, I forgot to mention we are doing all of the above while finishing the sequel to ‘What She Knew.’ Our agent wants the sequel finished by the end of May. Whew! It’s a good thing we love abundant living!

That’s all for now. Thanks for following our journey.

Blessings, K.R. and T.L.


9 thoughts on “And the journey continues…

  1. I am so excited for you both. I’ve yet to find many people as enthusiastic as you. I pop a comment/idea in chat and almost before I finish you are on it. From additional blog ideas to Amazon author pages to promoting others or sharing appropriate info. I know in my bones your book is going to do well and you will continue to grow as authors and networkers reaching out to your readers because you genuinely want to get to know your readers and get them involved.


  2. WOOHOO! WTG Chickas! Anxiously Awaiting your arrival to the big O!! OMG not THAT O!! silly girls I meant ORLANDO!!!!!!! tell your agent I am awaiting with banners!!! Maybe you should get a tour bus like the Partridge Family and have tons of Marilyn pics alll around it………

    Seriously tho Congrats on all your hard work, you deserve all the praises you are about to receive!

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