They’re here!

OH MY GOSH! They are here! They are! Yes, they are! They are really here!! Woo Hoo!! Jumping up and down with joy!! Oh, what’s here you ask? The BOOKS!! Both the hard cover and the soft cover!! They look amazing too!!! The print quality is excellent!

The only down side is that K.R. is still 1200 miles away and not here to jump up and down with me!! Figures. Oh, well, that’s life (starts to sing the old Frank Sinatra tune). At least we have Skype. It would have killed both of us if I had to open them without her at least being able to watch! And, yes, I had to open them. These are our author copies. The first run off of the printer. These are the ones we look over with a fine-tooth comb.

Guess what? The fine-tooth comb didn’t find anything! YAY! So very exciting. We are now officially published! Now, it’s on to a different kind of hard work: the book signing tour, interviews and speaking engagements. While our marketing peeps market (lol) we rove around the country peddling our wares! Oh, and while we are on the road, get the sequel finished!

Thank you everyone, all who have been following our journey. Not that it’s over, goodness no. We’ve only completed this leg of the journey. However, we do love and appreciate all of you so very much. K.R. and I are very blessed, and we know it.


12 thoughts on “They’re here!

  1. I’m jumping for joy for you. This is so exciting. You two have done great and if I’m wrong about this becoming a best seller I’ll buy you steak dinners… At Denny’s LOL

  2. Jumping for joy for you. I am do excited. I just know this is going to be a best seller… If not I owe you both a steak dinner … At Denny’s LOL

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