Amazon Book Launch Party with beautiful prizes!

Very Marilyn Monroe, wouldn’t you say?

The Rose Candle Bouquet

The Marilyn Pendant

We are celebrating the release of the next best selling novel “What She Knew” by K.R. Hughes and T.L. Burns with an Amazon Launch Party!! So make plans today to join us in the Koda Online Special Events Center, Thursday, April 12th from 8-10pmEDT/7-9pmCDT/6-8pmMDT/5-7pmPDT

Other featured authors will be Linda J. Alexander – A Maverick Life; The Jack Kelly Story, Rich Evans – Asylum Lake, Jerry Last – The Ambivalent Corpse who will be giving away books to selected winners. Author CJ West will offer his book A Demon Awaits free to all who attend the event.

Prizes donated by: Tonya Rupell – (Rupell is an acclaimed designer and owner of Stone Soap Designs who recently had her jewelry featured in the Oscar bags of 2012)
** A one-of-a-kind Marilyn Monroe Hand Crafted Necklace**


Serena Sweet-Aromas Gibson – (Gibson is a well known artisan of hand crafted candles)
**Two Specialty Pink Rose Candle Bouquets **

Join us and you could win any one of these special prizes,’What She Knew’ specialty pens, or a Marilyn Monroe poster!

We will have fun, so make sure and bring a kazoo! Virtual drinks are on the house!!

The event is free of charge and the public is invited to join the festivities at an online audio/video event center. Enter your name, bottom right of screen in the guest box, and press enter.

Amazon link to purchase the book:

For more information or to book your own Amazon Launch Party contact Kim Mutch Emerson at or email to info (at)

***Just had to share our awesome news with our friends! Thanks so much for following along on this journey of ours.

Blessings, K.R. and T.L.


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