There is nothing like a good book!

We know, it’s all we can talk about right now. K.R. and I are literally ‘working’ the book 24/7! And we thought the hard work was in the writing. Oh, how we wish we were still writing. We’d even settle for editing the book! LOL!! Oh, don’t get us wrong; we know the importance of networking, marketing, and promotion. We will do it and do it with a smile! The thing is, it’s just much harder than we thought. More thought is going into the book now that it’s finished than we put into the writing of the book itself. Well, not really, but for us newbies it sure feels like it. In fact, there is such a learning curve with us that it’s taking the saintly patience of Master Koda and Gator Creek Artist Entertainment to see us through.

So today, we thought we would just take a break and show off the jacket of the hard bound book. Our graphic designer did a fantastic job with our covers! We couldn’t be happier with them. And, if truth be told, we love the hard cover jacket just a little more than the soft cover. It’s silly really. Most readers now-a-days go in for the convenience of an eReader device, and so they won’t ever see more than the front cover of any book. Now don’t get us wrong, we too love the ease of taking many books with us on a trip for no more than the weight of our device. However, it makes it all kind of sad really. Like we’ve lost something. How many times have you picked up a book, slowly taking in the look and feel of the cover? If it’s done right, you read it front and back. If you find it compelling and interesting, you purchase it or save it on your mental wish list. If not, you just set it down and go on to the next.

Oh, well, times they are a changin’! And quickly!! However, for these two authors, a physical book will always be our preference. And, in fact, a hard bound book, with its dressy jacket, is considered by us to be the bomb. For though we should not judge a book by its cover, we still do. We all do. So, though you can’t physically pick our book up, we hope you will enjoy a thorough look-see at the jacket of “What She Knew.” And, if we’ve done our job right, you too will find it compelling and interesting.


14 thoughts on “There is nothing like a good book!

  1. Gorgeous cover! I love hardcovers as well. Best of luck! Wishing you mega sales. Promoting is hard work. I’ve learned a lot since my debut release in October, last year. That first book, Zakia and the Cowboy, is going to print soon, but I can only dream of hardcover at this point. I just want to get my greedy little hands on that first print book. 🙂

  2. I also love hard covers, the best. To me the hard covers make the books look classier. Another reason that I am so fond of this cover is that on the front flap, you have Kym’s picture and on the back flap, you have Tamy’s picture. Two of the prettiest ladies, I know. These ladies are beautiful, inside and out. They are very special to me. Okay, back to the cover! lol ! I think that having a review of the book, on the back cover, with the girls picture, together, looks great. The front cover, has beautiful Marilyn’s picture on it. I think this cover is wonderful!

  3. Love the cover!!! And, yes, there’s a lot to getting a book out there. Book sales price NEVER reflects the true value of the work that went into it.
    Am really glad you made this happen for yourselves. It reflects courage and confidence.
    Best to you!

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