Meet the author – Rich Evans!

Okay, we know. It’s all we can talk about. We would love to say we’re sorry, but we’re not! The launch party is just around the corner (Thursday, Apr 12th) and is going to be a blast! It’s all we can think of 24/7 right now!! And you know you love to party, so pull out your pearls and heals and join us for an evening with Marilyn!

One of the coolest things, besides the great prizes you could win, are the wonderful guest authors we will have on the show! K. R. and I wanted to dedicate four of our blogs to highlighting each of these very talented authors. Today, please meet Rich Evans.

R. A. Evans – Asylum Lake

In Rich’s own words:

R. A. Evans writes. By day he prostitutes his creativity for the advertising industry. By night, he writes for pleasure. It’s what he does. It’s who he is. If you like your humor dark, your blood-letting messy, and the creepiness factor cranked to eleven, he’s the author for you. His debut novel, Asylum Lake, has hit the shelves to rave reviews.

A graduate of Grand Valley State University, Evans started his career at a small town newspaper, and has spent the past fifteen years working in marketing and public relations. He is a “Chief Teller of Ghost Stories.” He writes about the dark and terrible things that go bump in the night…and sometimes during daylight hours too.

And so these two humble authors say a HUGE THANK YOU to Rich Evans!! We look forward to being at the party with you!!

Stay tuned, as we highlight author Jerry Last, The Ambivalent Corpse, in our Sunday blog; and author CJ West, A Demon Awaits, in our Monday blog.

The Amazon Book Launch Party is from 8-10pmEDT/7-9pmCDT/6-8pmMDT/5-7pmPDT on April 12th!! Be there or be square! (Oh, my, our age is showing!) Just click on the link below, enter your name in the box for quest, bottom right of screen, and press return. You will then be “in” the party room!!

The event is free of charge and the public is invited to join the festivities at
an online audio/video event center.

For more information or to book your own Amazon Launch Party, contact Kim Mutch Emerson at or email to info (at)

Blessings, K.R. and T.L.


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