What would Marilyn wear?

~~ Marilyn Monroe’s Coming Out Party ~~

What to wear, what to wear!

When you think of Marilyn Monroe, what comes to mind? Her standing over a subway grate in a billowy white halter neck dress in The Seven Year Itch? Teetering on high heels in a skintight dress down a train platform in Some Like It Hot? Wearing jeans and a white shirt as she yells at Clark Gable in The Misfits?

It’s easy to get lost in the little girl voice, the platinum-blonde hair, pouting lips, half-closed eyelids, but a big part of Marilyn Monroe’s legacy is her sense of style.

Stars like Molly Sims, Scarlett Johansson and Lindsay Lohan (who is obsessed with the tragic star) pose time and again on magazine covers as reimagined Marilyn’s. And at the end of 2008, designer Victor Carranza (who created red carpet styles for Marilyn) announced plans for a fashion line called the House of Monroe, which will feature a high-end collection to be sold at Bergdorf Goodman as well as a lower-priced jeans and T-shirt line, called Norma Jean. That’s something we can get behind, jeans and t-shirts!

Every week, the new hit TV series SMASH has the actress who plays Marilyn dressed in all of her sexy outfits; while the movie My Week with Marilyn not only showed the sexy Marilyn, but also the casual side that the every-day woman can relate to still today.

And that’s the thing about Marilyn, while she wore a skintight dress better than anyone, her memorable style moments also included casual bulky sweaters, jeans and capri pants, well-cut suits and even oversize wool coats.

So, back to our question, what would you wear to a Marilyn coming out party? Heels, pearls, slinky dress? Or, slacks and a sweater? For us, answering the question is quite easy. Though we are a far cry from looking like Marilyn, we will make sure we are Marilyn approved by wearing something shiny – diamonds! Because as Marilyn said about wearing jewelry, everybody “deserves the right to twinkle.” So, no matter if you dress fancy or you dress casual, make sure you slip into something shiny and you will be perfectly dressed for Marilyn’s party.

Here are the details for joining us Thursday night:

KR Hughes and TL Burns announce the Amazon Book launch party for their hot new release What She Knew. A book based on the premise of what if Marilyn Monroe had lived to share the secrets she knew about the plot against President John F. Kennedy. Could it have changed the course of history? The party takes place online Thursday, April 12 from 8-10pm Eastern Time in the Master Koda Special Events Center. The event is free of charge and the public is invited to join the festivities at

http://1862040.videoconference.talkfusionlive.com/golive/m/xGDmVSAnaNnKpabS an online audio/video event center.

Just click on the link above, enter your name in the box for quest, bottom right of screen, and press return. You will then be “in” the party room!!

Readers and fans will have the opportunity to meet the authors live, win gifts and prizes and have the first chance at grabbing the newly released, What She Knew. Attendees will have an opportunity to win a one of a kind necklace designed by Tonya Rupell an acclaimed designer and owner of Stone Soap Designs who recently had her jewelry featured in the Oscar bags of 2012. Also featured at the event will be Serena Gibson of Sweet Aroma’s 4 U. Gibson is a well known artisan of hand crafted candles. She is offering specially crafted rose candles for the event.

Other featured authors will be Linda J. Alexander – A Maverick Life; The Jack Kelly Story, Rich Evans – Asylum Lake, Jerry Last – The Ambivalent Corpse who will be giving away books to selected winners. Author CJ West will offer his book A Demon Awaits free to all who attend the event.

For more information or to book your own Amazon Launch Party, contact Kim Mutch Emerson at http://www.masterkoda.com or email to info (at) masterkoda.com.

Blessings, K.R. and T.L.


2 thoughts on “What would Marilyn wear?

  1. My choice to wear to ‘The Party’, is anything that sparkles and a lot of sparkles! You can never have too many sparkles! Does a body good!

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