That’s a wrap!

One of the things that we have always been told is that the premise of our book “What She Knew” would make a great movie. In fact, we have taken the book and adapted it into a screen play. Here’s the summary and synopsis, see for yourself:

In the 1960’s our nation was in turmoil as President Kennedy struggled for world balance and respect, many different factions wanted to kill him but there was someone who knew the real threat behind the assassination plot. Could Marilyn Monroe, with her entrée into every circle, save him with What She Knew?

On the night of Marilyn Monroe’s assumed death, Bobby Kennedy and Peter Lawford race to Marilyn’s house to find her nearly dead. Both men knew that she had vital information that members of the mob, political circles, and someone much larger would kill her for.
Replacing the real Marilyn with an overdosed double, Peter and Bobby race to find out what she knew and who was behind her “suicide” as well as what was planned for president John F. Kennedy.
With pressure to escalate the Vietnam conflict into a full-blown war, Kennedy baulked and ordered a thousand troops to begin withdrawing. An evil presence, frustrated at the lack of cooperation from the president, decides to have him moved out-of-the-way. Can Bobby and Peter find the source and stop them?
This fast paced suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat as Marilyn joins the fight for the man she loved.

What do you think? In 2011, we adapted it into a pilot for a TV miniseries and they loved it! The only problem was that the cost was prohibitive. They told us that they loved the story and could see it on the big screen. So, as K.R. and I begin our book signing tour, the script is being shopped as a motion picture. Life is strange.

Oh, on another movie note. Our book was featured on the nightstand of the main character in the upcoming movie “Mr. Buttons.” We are so blessed to know the producer personally and she thought it would be fun to feature our book, much like advertisers do with brands of coffee or laptops. We don’t have a picture of her and us with the “Mr. Buttons” movie poster (it’s not done yet,) but here is one of the three of us with the movie poster for “Tiger Lily.”

Isn’t Mela a dark headed beauty! On top of that, she is an awesome producer and friend, that’s for sure. We encourage you to look her up on facebook, Mela Rayne.

Blessings, K.R. and T.L.


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