Prize? What prize???

Prizes!! Did someone say prizes??? Really, it’s true! We are giving away another prize package!!

Cathy Brockman was kind enough to invite us to be interviewed by her (and her muses, lol)!! We loved meeting with her and her muses! Cathy asks some wonderful questions, some of them different from what other interviewers have asked us in the past. Even the muses were allowed to participate and asked us some fun and personal questions. Well, see for yourself.

Thank you Cathy, and all of your muses, for being such a wonderful host(s)!!! We enjoyed ourselves so much!!

Blessings, K.R. and T.L.
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4 thoughts on “Prize? What prize???

  1. I like prizes! Lead me to the prizes and I will be a happy Marilyn fan! I’m already that so, I guess I’ll have to be a happy Magic Mike Fan ! lol Comments? Ladies……lol C’mon girls, don’t be bashful….tell me your true feelings on Magic Mike and his crew! It’s just me ur talking to…lol… Myself, I am looking for a life-size poster of the group! lol….Take care, my sweeties!

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