Just keep reading, just keep reading….

Lately, we’ve been reading like crazy!! Believe it or not, K.R. and I are not pros at this book promotion stuff. And trust me when I say “that’s an understatement!” We have been working hard at learning the under side of the book writing world.

As an author, you work hard at developing a story line, character definitions, plot lines, and other details associated with writing a great story. Those things come easily, most days. That’s the fun side, or the up side of writing. The not so fun side, or the under side of writing, is promotion. We all have to do it. It doesn’t matter if you are an indie author or with one of the big 6, you still have to promote – yourself. You still have to develop an online platform, a fan base, a readership.

For some of you who are new to this too, we’ve come up with a few people who we recommend for you to glean knowledge from. These authors have walked this path before. We’ve listed their blogs/websites below for you to read for yourself. We recommend that you follow their blogs, so you can keep learning. And, not just these we have mentioned, but search out some mentors of your own to learn from. Remember: You’re never to old to learn, or too smart.

~~ Tonya Kappes is one of our favorites. She has great tips and advice on how to be a well-rounded author!! http://tonyakappes.blogspot.com/

~~ Jamie Lee Scott is another of our fave’s!! She also has great tips and advice for authors of books and scripts. http://www.jamieleescott.com/

~~ Kim Emerson of MasterKoda is our all time favorite person. She is truly an authors best friend. Her website will walk you through everything you need to get your book off the ground. She also has an excellent Facebook group called masterkoda. Ask to join today. You will find yourself in the best ‘support group’ for all things written. http://www.masterkoda.com

Well, as you can see, we have several favorites. These ladies just have so much to offer and they offer it freely. They have made it their goal to help others. They succeed at it too. For us, it’s not just about the practical business side of life. Being good at business is a must; however, being good at life is even more of a must!! And these ladies have both.

Along with reading and learning about your craft; having mentors that help you in your journey; you also need to set up some ‘be’ings for yourself. Ground rules if you will. Below, we share some things we’ve learned in life. Nothing new for sure, and they have been stated by many before us. However, they are worth repeating. We know, by experience, that they work for all aspects of life; both the personal and the business. And, when practiced regularly, they make for a rich, fulfilling life.

~ Be generous – always give more than you take.

~ Be mindful of how you talk – when you speak, make sure you are adding to another’s life, not taking away from it.

~ Be inspiring – lift others up, encourage them to seek their dreams.

~ Be ‘in the moment’ – take the extra minute, and pour yourself into another’s life.

~ Be curious – never stop wondering why or why not. Solutions abound if we will but act!

By being intentional about how you interact with others, you will naturally feed your success along with theirs. We encourage you to keep reading, to reach out, and ‘be’ for others.

Blessings to you all, K.R. and T.L.


8 thoughts on “Just keep reading, just keep reading….

  1. I am always touched by the thoughts you share. There is such depth to who you are. Thanks ladies for mentioning me, but more than that, thanks for what you bring to this planet we call earth!

    • Thank you Kim! You have always been a grand example of what faith and hard work can accomplish together. I love you chickie, always will!! Tamy šŸ™‚

      We both are so glad to call you friend and mentor. K.R. and T.L.

  2. I can’t add anything to top what all u said other than I am so proud of both of you and ur accomplishments. U have come a long ways, babies! I can see that you will keep going and that way is to much more wonderful achievements! The future is bright for you….so hang on for your wonderful ride! Much love and blessings to both of you!

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