Poetry Marilyn Style!

What comes to mind when you think of Marilyn? Words like glamor, star, sex goddess, beauty, actress, singer, tease possibly? These are some of the words we would use and come easily to our minds. Well, what about writer? Poet? We have to say, that poetry is not something we ever really thought of Marilyn ever being interested in.

It’s refreshing to see, that even in her writing, she was a free spirit. Her words didn’t need to rhyme, the prose didn’t have to be elegant or important, and she was happy with ‘just getting my thoughts onto paper.’ Marilyn really loved reading too. It wasn’t something she advertised, because “who would ever believe a blond bombshell could be smart?”

Here are some of her original poetry:

O, Time Be Kind

O, Time
Be Kind
Help this weary being
To forget what is sad to remember
Loose my loneliness,
Ease my mind,
While you eat my flesh.


I am of both your directions
Existing more with the cold frost
Strong as a cobweb in the wind
Hanging downward the most
Somehow remaining
those beaded rays have the colours
I’ve seen in paintings-ah life
they have cheated you
thinner than a cobweb’s thread
sheerer than any-
but it did attach itself
and held fast in strong winds
and singed by the leaping hot fires
life-of which at singular times
I am both of your directions-
somehow I remain hanging downward the most
as both of your directions pull me

Nite of the Nite

Night of the Nite-soothing-
Seems different-Night has
No eyes nor no one-Silence-
except to the Night itself

I Could Have Loved You Once

I could have loved you once
and even said it
But you went away,
When you came back it was too late
And love was a forgotten word.

From Time To Time

From time to time
I make it rhyme
but don’t hold that kind
of thing
Oh well, what the hell,
so it won’t sell.
What I want to tell-
is what’s on my mind:
‘taint Dishes,
‘taint Wishes,
it’s thoughts
flinging by
before I die-
and to think
in ink.

My Song

My sex is ice cream
come to me
there’s a tender dream
to share
I’m every man’s love affair
with America
sweet angel of sex
sugar of sex
and tender
I ask no price
I’m waiting between the sheets
a rare sexy morning
take me
I’m easy
I’m happy
child-goddess nymphet
child of the universe
my skin glowing
my undergarment
I’m an angel of sex, you bet
and as the poet says
when you drink a beer to me
(even yet)
Let a smile come to your lips.

Blessings, K.R. and T.L.


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