Share the Love, Marilyn Style!!

As we continue the celebration of Marilyn for the month of August, we thought we would share some of the love that we have been blessed with ourselves!!

As authors, we have received some awesome reviews from our readers for our book “What She Knew.” And while reviews from our readers are priceless, really they are, we have to admit that when we get praise from another author, it really makes us proud of our work. We think you would agree that if you get praise from a peer in whatever industry you work, you can’t help but to feel a sense of pride.

Here’s one of our latest reviews from a fellow author:

“As a writer, I cannot imagine attempting to change the death and life of a historical figure. Thankfully, K. R. Hughes and T. L. Burns can. What She Knew is a well-researched account of what if. What if Marilyn Monroe didn’t actually die of an overdose? What if she instead survived a murder attempt? Who was out to silence her and who would protect her?

I found myself transformed into the past, sometimes questioning if the events were real or part of the story. And honestly, I’m still not certain about some of them. To me that is the beauty of a well-crafted book.

I was excited to receive a copy of What She Knew as a gift from a thoughtful friend. She was right…it was definitely my kind of book”

Thank you Jane! This really has meant the world to us. Jane has such a flair with the written word and a quick wit that you immediately fall in love with. You can find Jane’s book, “Bertha Size Your Life,” on Amazon. It is free thru August 3rd so hurry and get yourself a copy!!

Head over to our blog roll on the right for a direct link to her book Bertha Size Your Life, you’ll be glad you did!!!

August Celebration of Marilyn’s life!

It is still early days in the celebration of Marilyn Monroe and plenty of time for you to win any one of our What She Knew Signature Prizes!

~~Comment on any of our blogs (, Facebook us (whatsheknew), or Tweet us (whatsheknewbook) with your favorite Marilyn Monroe quote!!

~~To enter for your chance to win the grand prize all you need to do is buy our book and send us a screen shot of the receipt to our email address ( One lucky winner will win an hour of Skype time with us, a signed original What She Knew first edition (no longer available to the public), a Marilyn Monroe clock, and a What She Knew Signature Pink Purse filled with Marilyn Monroe approved goodies!!

We will also be hosting other easy contests throughout the month on our Facebook page. So be sure to check back often for your chance to win What She Knew Signature Bookmarks, Pens and Bookbags!! It’s our way of honoring a life that was cut way to short!

Blessings, K.R. and T.L.
Facebook: whatsheknew
Twitter: whatsheknewbook


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