Please welcome our guest Scott Seldon!

Please help us welcome Scott Seldon to our blog! His science fiction books are popular reads. Besides the new series Pirates of I’ab, he has three other books out:
~~Edge of Hyperspace
~~Well of Dreams
~~Not Past Redemption
They can all be found on Smashwords and Amazon. For anyone who loves sci-fi, you can’t go wrong with these books. For today, Scott is going to share with us his newly released book, the start of a new series, Pirates of I’ab.

Spotlight on Pirates of I’ab, the new release by Scott Seldon

~~Ven Zaran takes over the last three months of a contract as a favor for a fellow trader. The system is known for its piracy problem, but Ven is willing to take the risk. What he encounters are well-connected pirates who can seemingly take any cargo at will. Each time they stop his ship and take a cargo, Ven resorts to more extreme measures. In the end he breaks the contract and sets out to take down the Dolf, the most feared pirate leader on I’ab.~~


The premise is simple, but Pirates if I’ab is a many layered title. Some of it may go unnoticed until later books are published, but in addition to the obvious Pirates, there are others in the story. Within the greater story of actual pirates, is the story of a corporate executive, a pirate of a different sort. He doesn’t steal what he wants, he buys it. But his story is pivotal to later events. He’ll be back in Volume 4. It is really a story about unfair business practices on many levels and my hero’s struggle to make his way.

Now, the hero, Ven Zaran, isn’t exactly squeaky clean himself. He’s a space tracer, and known as an honest one. He also has fake identities and does a fair bit of smuggling. Trading is a hard business and he wouldn’t be where he is or be able to plan the future he wants, if he didn’t make a bit (well, really a lot) on the side. He is a family man, but doesn’t get much time because of his work. He has a past that has yet to be fully revealed, but it does include a drug problem he is struggling to recover from.

Ven Zaran’s story has many facets. In Pirates of I’ab he faces a fierce foe, he sends his family on vacation (joining them as time allows), and brings in a friend from Customs Intelligence. Characters from Edge of Hyperspace and Well of Dreams join the story, and it won’t be the last time. Their fates are interwoven in a saga that starts with this epic adventure.


They waited an agonizingly long time for the pirate to dock and break through the unpowered airlock. When they did, Ven instantly sensed this was someone new. He was short, and Ven made a side note to himself that all the Dolf’s henchmen seemed shorter than he was, and came onboard exuding arrogance.

Although suited up, this pirate didn’t bother to conceal his face. He was a small wiry man with a big black moustache.

“Go get the cargo while I handle this lot,” he told his men. A total of five men rushed aft to the hold to start transferring the cargo.

Ven just stood there looking at him. The surveillance system he’d installed was getting a very good look at this guy and he might give them the lead on the pirates they needed. A space suit could be traced, but only so far as how many were sold and to who. That usually was a huge number. But add a face to that and it narrowed it down a lot. Hopefully to just one. Ven would send a copy with his piracy report and send a copy to Jim as well.

The pirate came up to Ven when the last of the cargo was gone.

“You are in such deep trouble,” the little man said. His eyes were scanning over Ven and the men behind him. He suddenly pulled his pistol out and aimed it at Ven.

Ven didn’t flinch, he just looked the pirate in the eyes, eyes that couldn’t seem to hold still for a second. Ven thought to himself that this guy must be on something or was getting a huge adrenaline rush from this. He didn’t need to even look to know that Wally, Roldan, and Laren had their pistols trained on the pirate.

“I might even get a reward if I blow your head off,” the pirate said. “The boss doesn’t like you. You’ve cost him way too many loads.”

“That wouldn’t do any of us any good,” Ven said in a level voice. “If you shoot me, my men shoot you. They might even shoot first.”

The pirate looked around nervously at the three weapons pointed at him, but he didn’t back down.

“There is a price on your head, trader. Watch your back, you never know who may be gunning for you.”

“The same goes for you. Now I suggest you leave before anything happens.”

Ven could see the thoughts run through the pirate’s head and he slowly lowered his pistol and backed toward the airlock. Ven was tempted to goad him some more, but the look in his eyes made him think twice. If he was on something, he might go off at any little thing. It was one thing to stand up to him and answer his threats, it was quiet another to stupidly provoke him when he was leaving.

Author Bio:

Scott Seldon lives with his family in Colorado and works as an IT administrator. Visit his website ( for the latest updates and to find where his books are sold. Find his latest novel, Pirates of I’ab, at Smahswords and Amazon.

Scott, thank you so much for being with us this week. Your book sounds awesome and we cannot wait to get it for ourselves! Everyone make sure and check out all of his books on either Smashwords or Amazon.

K.R and T.L.


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