FBI files link Kennedy to Monroe death

Wow! It never ceases to amaze us what a person can dig up!!  This story starts back in 2007 with Phillipe Mora wanting to do a film about the 1960’s and the end of innocence for America.  What he uncovers has the FBI and other Government officials scrambling for cover.  Mora states that in the West Hollywood Library, while doing internet research of the 60’s, he lands in the Freedom of Information Act section of the FBI files.  He stumbles across the Marilyn Monroe FBI file on her and what he reads literally sets his world on fire.

While perusing the site, Mr. Mora see’s a list of stars names and Marilyn Monroe instantly catches his eye.  After all, she was certainly one of the tragic iconic figures of the 1960’s.  A file named “Robert Kennedy” was inside her file which stated that he had been in her house the morning of her death; that he had then flown to San Francisco and called Peter Lawford and asked, ”Is she dead yet?”

Mr. Mora states that this file was initialed by various high up FBI executives, close to Hoover, and had been opened a few times according to the dates on the file – and was now released.  The file was sordid, horrible and frightening.  Mr. Mora did think that this could either have been a fake planted by Kennedy haters or it was indeed startling history. Either way, the question still remained ‘why was it buried?’  He noticed that various parts were blacked out.  The information contained within still to incriminating for them to be seen in their entirety.

Mora emailed his editor, Paola Totaro in Sydney, a prominent journalist (who later became Vice President, Foreign Press Association in London) attaching the files for her to read.  After some moments, she emailed and said this is front-page stuff, legally cleared, etc. – go and write about it.

Sydney is 17 hours ahead of L.A.  The story appeared on the Sydney Morning Herald’s March 17, 2007 front page: FBI files link Kennedy to Monroe death. Saturday early morning in L.A.  Mora’s phone was ringing off the hook.  He was now being asked to appear on CNN, Fox, ABC, etc. in the US and every major paper from London, to Moscow, to Germany ran it as well.  According to an executive at ABC, pressure was on to stop the story in the U.S, but internationally and on the net, the story was well and truly out.

For us, this is another piece of a huge jigsaw puzzle of the conspiracy/mystery of the 1960’s.  Marilyn Monroe, John F Kennedy, Mary Pinchot, Robert Kennedy are just a few of the staring characters in the world of cover-ups.  The FBI, Secret Service, and CIA all have secrets.  Some are for the good of mankind and some are for the good of one man.  Either way, a curious public will continue to search, ask and seek out the truth.  Whether we will ever find the truth is another matter.

Pamela and Philippe Mora in their West Hollywood apartment
(which, BTW, was once rented by Cary Grant).
Photo by WeHo News.

In Philippe Mora’s own words:

“It quickly became apparent to me that the murder of JFK really started that part of the sixties associated with total loss of faith in the establishment.

If JFK could be murdered in that fashion then the powers that be had failed. It was the end of innocence.

I sought and got permission from the Zapruder family to use the famous film. I found a reverse angle on the assassination and saw a moving object on top of a vehicle on the grassy knoll that could have been a person.

The rough-cut was screened for producer David Puttnam, executives at Casablanca Filmworks and Columbia Pictures including Bill Tennant, Columbia boss Dan Melnick and an incoming boss at Columbia who was replacing Melnick.

The film began with great color home movies of JFK, Jackie and family in a montage with Richard Burton singing “Camelot.” It was simple and effective.

Then the deluge of assassinations and chaos, Vietnam, psychedelics, cultural and political trauma.

Shortly after screening the producer David Puttnam and I were locked out of our office and cutting room respectively and the film completely stopped.

I am no stranger to controversy but looking back I sense that Marilyn’s story is still highly charged.

As the Monroe files story expanded across the media clearly public interest in her remains undiminished after over half a century. The questions still remain.

The saga continues. As recently as August 2 this year, the Associated Press and then international papers reported that some FBI files on Monroe had gone missing.”  ~~ Mr. Mora believes that these are the very files he had seen and emailed to his editor.

See a comic book treatment of Mora’s story below.

This is why I (T.L.) LOVE research!!  This is exactly the kind of information I have found while doing the research for our book “What She Knew.”  We will always believe that Marilyn Monroe knew too much and that it was ‘what she knew’ that got her killed.


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8 thoughts on “FBI files link Kennedy to Monroe death

  1. This has been disproven so many times, sigh. RFK was provably in Northern California at an event with NUMEROUS witnesses. This crap just won’t go away.

    • So true. It’s crazy then why even in Government record keeping, you find many inconsistancies. We hold no particular feeling one way or the other. We do believe that the real truth will never be known, and even if the public at large were presented with the truth, many still would not believe it. Thanks for commenting.

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