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Books and Marilyn

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What couldn’t Marilyn do? The answer from her adoring fans, is simply, nothing!  For the world though, the stunning actress is remembered for her beauty and captivating on-screen presence, not her brain.  But, as most book nerds know, she was also a voracious reader and writer. Not nearly as dumb as the nay-sayers would try to have us believe.  At the time of her death, Marilyn had over 400 books in her personal library.   Book lovers everywhere have drooled over photos of her thumbing through books on Goya or sunbathing with James Joyce’s Ulysses in-hand.  Not just books she posessed, but had actually read. is a great article on some of Marilyn’s musings that she scribbled down over the years of her life.  They begin “Only parts of us will ever touch parts of others.”   She was very in touch with her inner person, and did not shy away from either the pain or the joy that she found within.  And, not only did she seem to adore Hemingway and Steinbeck, but she even tried her own hand at creative writing.


She wrote many poems, letters, notes and personal musings over the years and the book Fragments (Farrar, Strauss and Giroux) has gathered many of them together for the world to finally read.

Enjoy the article from brainpickings and then get yourself a copy of the book Fragments.  You will certainly learn something new about Marilyn.


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