JFK – Conspiracy or Lone Gunman?


This year will mark the 50th year anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s assassination.  And whether you are pro-conspiracy or pro-lone gunman, the question still remains: Why was JFK assassinated?  Gary Mack has gone from completely sold out to the conspiracy side of the fence to almost buying the “lone gunman” to now being somewhere in the middle.  Not quite agreeing that some nobody could actually change the course of history all on his own.  The reasons why Oswald shot JFK have never been fully known.  K.R. and I have done our own research and know that for as many questions that have answers there are three times as many that do not.

So, we thought that today, you would enjoy to read about Gary Mack and his journey to finding the truth.

Gary Mack and JFK

Gary Mack

Gary Mack, longtime curator at the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, is steeped in John F. Kennedy history and memorabilia, including the motorcade photograph by Walt Sisco of The Dallas Morning News.

Click this link to read the full article:  http://share.d-news.co/wgkOkwU

Our What She Knew Trilogy is at the publishers, with book one and two being in edits right now.  Our trilogy addresses two of the nations biggest scandals of the early 1960’s – Marilyn Monroe and John F Kennedy.   We take a deep plunge into the waters of conspiracy and give history a run for its money.  It’s no coincidence that even 50 years later, a nation, and for that matter a world, will not let sleeping dogs lie (pun intended.)


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2 thoughts on “JFK – Conspiracy or Lone Gunman?

  1. It does give you something to ponder. I hope it was a lone-gunman. I really do. Such an interesting topic even after all these years!!!!!!

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