Cover reveal!!



Hi everyone.  We thought we woud give you a peek at what the cover for the new What She Knew Trilogy is shaping up to look like. K.R. and I just love the feel of this cover.  We would love to know what you think of it.


Fateful Night cover

~~~~This is the mock up of the main cover for the three book series.~~~~

What kind of images does this cover conjer up in your mind of Marilyn Monroe and the story contained within?

Fateful Night Syringe~~~~This is the mock up of the cover for book one in the series, Fateful Night~~~~

Seeing this cover, what comes to mind?  What are all the things you think of when you see the picture of Marilyn Monroe, the syringe, and her grave marker? Did you notice the end date is erased on her grave marker? We are really interested in what you have to say about the cover.

Though we have all been told “don’t judge a book by its cover” we all do just that!  So, what’s your verdict on this book when you look at this cover? Does it make you want to open it up and devour its contents, or is it only so-so and you just want to pass it by?


K.R. and T.L.


Twitter: @whatsheknewbook

Facebook: What She Knew KRHughes TLBurns

Publisher: MKSP


11 thoughts on “Cover reveal!!

  1. Gosh….I love it beyond words. It sent chills running up and down my body!!!! Great job. I am so excited for you pretty girls!!!! Congrats, kiss kiss, and all that!!!!

  2. The image conjures up buried secrets. If she could talk from the grave. What I assume your trilogy is about. Love the concept and look forward to the read!

  3. I get a feeling of mystery. You see the beautiful face and the flowers so you know she is dead then you see the syringe and you wonder what that is about. Great cover!

  4. First of all, please forgive me for my ‘micro-mini’ novel of my thoughts when I see these fabulous covers. (lol) These covers are so intriging. I can’t wait to start reading this trilogy. I feel that you will be in a state of suspense, during all three books. It’ll be like, “okay, I’ll just read one more page and then I’ll put the book down and go to sleep.” The problem is that these books will keep ur attention in such a ‘high’ state that it will be very hard for you to find a good ‘stopping point’ to lay the book down and get some sleep. You’ll will just allow yourself, just enough sleep that you will feel rested enough to start reading again. I feel that when I start reading these books that I will be starting a ‘reading marathon’ and stay on the ‘marathon track’ until I finish all three books. Believe me, I am not complaining, quite the opposite. I am so excited and I can’t wait to read this wonderful ‘suspenseful’ trilogy.
    When I look at the covers, so many questions come to my mind. Especially the one with all the different ‘players’ in this mystery. Of all the different people on the cover, I wondered who wanted Marilyn to live and who wanted her dead. The mystery keeps building, with the picture of the syringe. This makes me wonder, did Marilyn inject herself or did someone else do it, to get her ‘out of the way’. Or did they inject her so it would be easier to move her to a place of safety. To keep her away from the ‘person’ or ‘persons’, who were trying to kill her. ‘What, who and why?’ The suspense keeps growing.
    So many questions and the only way we will start to being close to finding out any answers, is to read this exciting trilogy. I think I’ll get rested up just a tad, because I know that when I start reading these books, I will be starting my own personal ‘reading marathon’. I’m ready, to be amazed by Tamy and Kim’s talents. Bring on the Trilogy!

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