Latest Cover for Fateful Night

Hi all!  A few days ago I posted about the cover reveal for Fateful Night, the first book in the What She Knew Trilogy.  Here are a few more for you to chew on, lol.  We realize this first one does not have our names on it.  But see what you think of the coloring of the title.  Big enough? Bold enough?  Pink work?  Or, not so much?


WSK cover Fateful Night


Or, what about this one? Black title. It seems to stand out more.  And what about our names at the bottom?


WSK cover Fateful Night 3


Okay, this is the last one for today.  Our names are bigger, and in the same font as the title.  The title is also bigger.  What do you think of this one?

WSK cover Fateful Night 4

Thanks to everyone who gave us input!!  We really appreciate it!!  And once again, we appreciate any and all comments on these drafts!!


K.R. and T.L.


Twitter: whatsheknewbook

Facebook: What She Knew KR Hughes and TL Burns


18 thoughts on “Latest Cover for Fateful Night

  1. Hello ladies, the second cover choice you have here is one that works better for me. The wording is clearer, not too large and not to small on both title and author names. The third is good for the title, but author names could do with being a little larger. I’m not feeling the font or colour of the first one.
    Therefore, book 2 has my vote!

  2. I kind of like three best too. At first I thought two but I have now reconsidered. Funny, about fonts. Many books have two different fonts. Mine will but I am not sure I like it as much. Let’s just say I am not 100% sold on it. I like matchy-matchy…but what do I know? I do know you have a great cover there which ever one you decide on!

  3. I like the third one. The title pops and your names are pretty and match the title. I have one suggestion. Is there a way to make Marilyn’s name pop out more?Maybe outline it and the dates in pink? Subtly? Nothing drastic. But soften it up and make it pop!!

  4. I’d say #3. I’ve a boatload of books in front of me & looked them over. Occasionally, but not often, is author name the same size as title. Generally speaking, a title usually grabs initial attention, that & subject matter … but the title ultimately catches the eye of passersby. Then they look @ cover graphics, then @ the author’s name. The pink graphics don’t have as much of a punch as the black.

  5. How about instead of using black or pink, try a dark maroon color. I think that will bring out the rose colors on the headstone and flowers. A lot of authors use black on their books, but how many do u know who use maroon? It’s not as light as the pink, that doesn’t stand out that much and it’s more pleasant color than black. ( just saying, I can’t wait to read the book!)

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