Please Welcome Brad Fleming!!

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Please help us welcome one of the greats!  Brad Fleming!!

 Brad Fleming author pic

~~He lives across the pond from us, but because of on-line connections, we feel like neighbors! And trust us, Marilyn would approve!!  *wink* Here’s a bit about him:

Before becoming an author Brad Fleming was in journalism, broadcasting and public relations all of his working life. Born in the small fishing village of Kilkeel, Co Down, in the shadow of where the famous Mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea, he worked in local newspapers before moving on to a national daily paper in Belfast. Later he broadcast on news and sport for the BBC. In his thirties he made a career switch to join the British Government Information Service, a job which took him to many corners of the world.

Brad ROD 3D cover

~~Here’s what his latest book is about, it’s AWESOME!!!

For generations Northern Ireland has withstood a vicious campaign of terrorist violence that has left thousands dead and countless more horribly injured. The British and Irish Governments seem powerless and to have settled for what one leading politician calls an acceptable level of violence.

There appears to be no solution to the conflict. But, when a Provisional IRA bomb kills two grandparents and a four-month-old baby on a lonely border road, four men from widely different backgrounds – a politician, a policeman, a soldier and a journalist – decide enough is enough. They embark on a daring plan to exact vengeance – and to end the Ulster Troubles once and for all.

Role of Dishonour is about violence and vengeance, treachery and treason, retribution and reward. Men die – women and children too. It’s a world where one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. For generations the troubles in Ireland have pitted Protestant against Catholic, Unionist against Nationalist and Loyalist against Republican. There seems no end to the mindless spiral of death and destruction.

Yet the book is also a poignant love story, set against the background of one of the most beautiful pieces of earth God ever made. It’s the story of a man and a woman from different backgrounds and different worlds who find one another and tentatively begin to forge a relationship amid the chaos and despair. Are they to be star-crossed lovers or will true love triumph in the end?


~~We asked Brad what he thought would be on a shopping list of an antagonist. I think this list shows just a touch of Brad’s great wit.


1     A Kindle Reader. So he can check up on his rival’s latest book.

2     Bottle of smelling salts. When he sees how good it is.

3     Bottle of Irish Whiskey. So he can drown his sorrows.

4      A copy of Getting your own back for Dummies.

5       Anacin tablets. To help his headache.

6       A supply of damp cloths. To cool his furrowed brow.

7        An appointment with a psychiatrist. To cure his jealousy.

8        A booby-trap bomb. For placing under his rival’s car.

9        A reliable hand-gun. In case the bomb doesn’t go off.

10     An Army tank. In case the bomb and hand-gun don’t do the job.

Where to get it:
Readers, good news – you can pick up Role of Dishonour this week for just 99 cents at this link:
If you would like to connect with Brad and get news on his next big release you can friend him on Facebook:
Brad’s newest release, Deadline to Danger is due out in April of this year.
Here are a few of the reviews Role of Dishonour has been getting on Amazon:
“I love a book that allows me to see the characters as well as feel their emotions.”
“Brad Fleming weaves a very real tale of dishonesty, betrayal, and enemies amongst friends, collateral damage, and the horrible stages that go along with a war within a war.”
“…an inside view to what was happening in Ireland of the height of their troubles. But it wasn’t that that grabbed me about this story. It was the undercurrent love affair, which had an almost Romeo and Juliet feel about it.”
“I was deeply emotionally involved with the characters.”
“I certainly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a good thriller/mystery/suspense. Congratulations Mr. Fleming.”

~~~Here’s T.L.’s review from Goodreads:

I absolutely loved this book. The story had me hooked from the very beginning and I was always eager to get back to reading it when real life came a calling.

Brad Fleming created an edge-of-your-seat page turner that you will not want to put down. This wonderful tale will leave you wondering ‘could this really happen?’

How four men, from totally different backgrounds could end up working together, is a stroke of genious fom this author. Dexter, he is my all time favorite character from the book.  I am looking forward to his next novel, Deadline to Danger.


Thank you all for joining us and taking the time to get to know Brad Fleming!  He and his writing are worth it, trust us!!  Don’t forget to friend him on facebook!!


K.R. and T.L.



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