Please help us welcome – Linda Bolton!

What a great week!  We’ve had two incredible authors grace our blog-studio!! Today, Linda Bolton is here with us!!  Woot!!

Linda Bolton

Take 2 is Linda Bolton’s first novel and is available on Amazon. She is currently working on her second book to be released summer 2013. When she’s not writing, Linda is a GiGi, playing with her granddaughter Z, and working full-time.

Take 2 bookcover Linda

“Take 2” –


Alexandra Daniels is a forty-something, hard-working mom, wife and employee. Her life has been plodding along at a snail’s pace and she’s longing for excitement. She wins a trip to her favorite talk show in New York, the Veronica Becker Show, and it just so happens the actor of her dreams is a guest, Derek Dunbar! Is Alex’s life about to change?
Derek Dunbar is Scottish, an actor and a hunk! Every woman in America drools after him. He has his pick of women but stinks at relationships. At forty, is he longing for a more meaningful relationship? Does he even know how to have one? Is he willing to make the effort or will it just be too complicated?
Alexandra Daniels spent half her life as a dedicated wife and mother. Recently, with her husband working so much he spent little time with her and her daughter all grown up, Alex finally decided to concentrate on herself. She got a gym membership, lost weight, and spent her free time at night catching up on years of movies she missed. To add to her newly found identity, Alex wins a trip to New York to see her favorite talk show taped. While there she meets her movie idle, Derek Dunbar. Can life get any better?
Derek Dunbar went to school to be a lawyer, something his mother loved to brag about. But Derek felt he had another calling: acting. Once he submerged himself into his new career he was destined for stardom…and loneliness. Oh, Derek had the looks, but his workaholic mentality made dating difficult, not to mention the paparazzi that followed him everywhere.
~~~~Look what’s being said about “Take 2″~~~~

“ I will be reading the rest of Linda’s book and looking forward to her next one. ” A woman named Patti gave this review and many others shared the same reaction.

In the short time that this book has been available, Linda has received 10 five-star and 4 four-star reviews thus far.  Here’s our review:

I love how Linda Bolton tells the story. Her writing is easy to follow and she creates a believable world for her characters. The story itself is a fantasy come true for most women. Who wouldn’t want to try a glamorous lifestyle of the Hollywood superstar? Most of us mere women dream of some hot actor falling for us and ‘taking us away’ from our ordinary hum drum lives.

Linda Bolton decidedly does that in this novel. I won’t tell you the details because I hate having a plot spoiled. I will tell you that it is worth your time and effort to pick it up and read it.

For me, I prefer to find out from the characters what is going on instead of reading about it. I would have liked to see more
tension in their romance both in and out of bed. Overall this is a wonderful story and well worth your evening of reading it. The characters will stick in your head and you’ll find yourself wondering off to some exotic land instead of paying attention to the dishes in front of you. Nice going Linda Bolton!

~~~~Where can you connect with Linda you ask?  ~~~~

On Twitter at!/lindalou42 

Her romance blog at

On Goodreads at

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We hope you take a minute to connect with Linda, she is an awesome author and friend.  Her book is only $3.99 and guarantied to get your blood pumping!!  Here’s the link:


K.R. and T.L.


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