And The Curve Goes To—–Marilyn Monroe!



More than 50 years after her death, the queen of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe, has been crowned possessor of the most iconic curves of all time. She has been named as having the best celebrity curves of all time, beating modern beauties such as Kelly Brook, Christina Hendricks and Kim Kardashian.

The study was commissioned to mark the launch of the new “curvaceous” Peugeot RCZ Sports Coupe, and the car’s designer, Boris Reinmoller said: “The study shows the continued appeal of the curve and old-school Hollywood glamour, which will never go out of fashion.” They found that old school Hollywood glamour is still the style to beat, as four of the top five most iconic curves come from that era.

More than 50 years after her death, the Hollywood star has topped a poll of men and women, with four out of ten (40.8%) people voting Monroe’s body to be the best.

Here are some other interesting facts the poll of more than 2,000 men and women across the UK showed:

~~~~that old school glamour rules as Monroe (above) is joined in the top five by actresses Raquel Welch (24%), Sophia Loren (23.30%) and Jayne Mansfield (18.40%).


~~~~Model Kelly Brook is the only current household name to make the top five, with a quarter (25.8%) of the votes putting her in second place.

~~~~Reality TV star Kim Kardashian trails behind with just 7% while actress Christina Hendricks has 5%.

~~~~curves are favored by six out of 10 people.  Men find women’s bottoms (35.9%) the most attractive curve, followed by their busts (24.5%) and waist (17.7%); while women consider other women’s waists to be their most appealing curve (43.1%), followed by bottoms (11.9%) and busts (7.8%). Crazy, the things we poll about.

~~~~ The small of the back, known as the ‘scoop’ was voted the most attractive curve by seven per cent of the population. Back scooping surgery has seen as increase in popularity since the queen of plastic, Heidi Montag, underwent the procedure in 2010.

~~~And, last but not least, one in ten favored the nape of the neck, or the area between the neck and the shoulder.

So, though it’s been slightly more than 50 years after her death, there is still no-one to match the curvaceous grandeur of Marilyn Monroe. She is one star who had it all – chic, class and just enough bad/good girl to thrill men and women alike for generations. Fans of Marilyn all the world over say she possessed the perfect combination.



K.R. and T.L.



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