Please Welcome Marilyn Monroe Fan Tina Garland!


Hi everyone! We thought it would be fun to have a fan of Marilyn Monroe visit with us today!  Tina Garland has been a fan of Marilyn’s for many years now and has quite a collection.  Let’s get the iterview started!!

Welcom Tina, it’s wonderful to have you with us today.

My pleasure. Thanks for having me.

So, to kick this off, give us a little bit of basic background. Tina, where are you from, what do you do for a living, etc?

I grew up in Wisconsin. Born a twin whose 5 minutes older than me. Been working in the retail grocery business for the last 17 years here.

Can you share with us the pivotal moment when you knew you wanted to become a collector of Marilyn Monroe items and why?

I saw a clip on TV about the 20th anniversary passing and thought “who is that lady”. Gorgeous that she couldn’t be dead. And my research began wanting to know more. The more I read, the more I’d become smitten.

What most impresses you about Marilyn?

She was total honest person on her feelings and she spoke out at a low time when women were not very outspoken on their feelings, like Racism and taking on Hollywood. Also very clever and witty.

That is something we learned in our study of Marilyn.  She was smart, and very witty.  If you had the chance to personally meet with Marilyn, tell us three things you would like to ask her?

Who and where did you learn your beauty tricks? Who else besides Jean Harlow did you look up to in the famous world(in any famous status not just movies) and what did they teach you? Did you wish you would have had a closer sibling to grow up with?

Excellent questions.  We would love to know the answer to those as weel.  So, tell us your favorite movie that Marilyn was in?

Niagara, it was very suspenseful. She was superbly sexy and very gorgeous.

Do you have anything in your collection that you would consider weird/odd?

I have a few pillows that people look at a bit weird but the craziest is a jar of MARILYN MONROE BEAUTY CREAM.

Please tell us what is in your collection.

I own over 800 magazine cover from all over the world, 1946-present. Over 100 original Korea photos and 25 original color slides. 4 original newspapers from her passing, Very rare 1950 Milwaukee Sunday paper, a pair of her gloves from the late Susan Strasberg and a signed 1961 Check. Original signed photos from Joseph Jasgur.

Helped out to contribute information and photos on 4 collectibles books on Marilyn. 2 price guides, a photography 3-d book in Spain and recently last year working with Michelle Morgan on Private and Undisclosed 2012.

We love Michelle Morgan and her books.  Her latest on Marilyn is a best seller. 

Here are some photo’s from Tina joining others for the memorial service on Marilyn’s 50th anniversary, Aug 2012, of her passing.

MM fan picture

You can connect with Tina on her facebook page:!/tina.garland.7/photos

She has tons of great pictures of Marilyn and her collection.

Tina, thank you so much for being with us and sharing your collection and you with us and our readers. 


K.R. and T.L.









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