Please Welcome Author G Mitchell Baker!!

f05b0-mitchbakerauthorphotoG. Mitchell Baker

Welcome everyone! We are so excited to have with an awesome friend and fabulous author, G Mitchell Baker!! We have read his books and just have to share with you that they are wonderful. You will be hooked from the very beginning. Don’t blink because his plots are deliciously complex. So, let’s get right to our interview.

Mitch, it is so great to have you today.

It’s great to be here!!

You know that we are huge fans of yours.  We thought we would do a different interview with you if that’s ok.

That’s fine. I’m always game for something different.

Great! We really wanted to ask about you as an author and what has been your greatest moment as a writer?

I honestly believe the best is yet to come … However, to now, I’d have to say there was the Rockin’ Radio Interview hosted by Kim Mutch Emerson that evolved into a story that rates up there as a ‘greatest moment’.

Being interviewed to promote the release of a Young Adult novel called “Kerby ‘Webb’ Webster & Kinny the Rodeo Hound” I learned that as the show time came around, I was without internet. I could not access my call in number, finally appearing on the show five minutes into it.

Stressed, it took me another ten minutes to settle down during the middle twenty minutes. The show was to promote the Kerby book.

Then, with five minutes left, the show sort of stopped as Kim announced there was going to be a ‘surprise’. Then, and regarding a submission I’d sent to Master Koda Select Publishing it was announced by Kim that the selection committee had unanimously accepted “Lethal Believers: The Innocents” and that MKSP was going to publish the novel.

Wow! I was just releasing a new novel, in the same radio interview was the announcement of the acquisition of “Lethal Believers: The Innocents.”

That was indeed a great day!

Now, we are on the eve of releasing “Lethal Believers: DVM” and with my completing “Lethal Believers: Parisian Subterranea” any day now.

That was fantastic news.  We can understand how that would have ranked right up there with one of the best moments of your career.  Ok, Mitch, our next question is also personal in nature.  Have you ever had a moment, even if it was a split second when someone noticed you for the unique person you are or complemented you on a job well done? Do you remember what that feels like in your heart?

Well … I’d have to say the above story about the Rockin’ Radio Interview left me with the utmost affirmation … I recall jumping up out of my chair, trying to remind myself that I was still in a live radio interview, but really, I was at a loss for words.

Some commented later, and in a fun way that it was the first time they’d heard me ‘speechless’. Well, I believe that is because my heart took over as my mind was just too overwhelmed. And when my heart took over there was a sense of joy and excitement, but it was tempered … I was ‘speechless’ because my heart was reminding me to be humble … In my heart I knew there was so much Grace going into these events and that I was only a part of the experience … Not the experience. On that day there were many noticing me and the affirmation was unmistakable … But I also knew in my heart it was not all about me being unique or the only subject of the affirmation. The rest of the afternoon I raced around the house, trying to remain grounded … and I think I did okay in that department … It became a matter of experiencing a great day and then taking the responsibility to keep it real.

We can understand. Kim has us on her radio show some months back now and it was an awesome experience.  And, yes, it ca be hard for a bit to keep yourself grounded.  As authors, we think that we spend so much time alone, creating, that when the spot light is on us it can be overwhelming.  We are so glad you agreed to join us today and share a bit of the personal you with us.

Mitch has several books out and you can find them on Amazon.  The first one is only .99 right now!! 

Lethal Believer TI

‘Lethal Believers – The Innocents’

The Involvement of Emerson

‘The Involvement of Emerson’

Like us, Mitch loves new friends and meeting new folks.  You can connect with Mitch on Facebook at, on LinkedIn at, and on Twitter at

Thanks for being with us once again! Be sure and check out these awesome books!!


K.R. and T.L.

International link for Fateful Night –






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