Please Welcome Author Lisa Day!

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It’s our pleasure to have author Lisa Day with us!!  She has taken time from her busy schedule to answer a few questions and allow us to get to know her.  Lisa Day hails from New Jersey before ‘Jersey Girls’ became famous. Since living in the south for so long she now thinks of herself as a southern bell, just born in the wrong century. So, what else is a girl to do but write those pesky stories that live within her head. Exactly!  Let’s get started!!

 Lisa, if you could change one thing about our world, what would it be and why?

I’d remove ‟Greed.” Greed creates selfishness. Selfishness creates pride. Pride creates Bigotry. Bigotry creates hate, anger and abuse.

Wow, so very true.  We have to agree with you, let’s remove greed!  If you knew the exact date of your death down to the minute, what would you change about your life starting tomorrow?

Depends on how much time..Very little — for you can’t truly undo past hurts. I’d  spend time with those who mattered and not waste on those with empty words.

So true, time with those we love and who love us should always be first.  Ok, if you could go back in time to when you were seven years old, what wisdom or advice would you pass on to yourself?

I’d tell myself to look up and realize there are more options out there that can make you feel fulfilled as a person. Also, I’d be sure I understood the value of a good education.

That’s wonderful advice.  Can you share with us what you are grateful for?

One thing is that unlike many others I had a pretty easy and secure childhood.

That’s wonderful.  Well, at what age were you the happiest? What triggered such joy? 

At thirty-one I married a man I deeply respected.

What is the number one lie you tell yourself? How is that working out?

I’m still seventeen. Not bad if I don’t look in a mirror and see an old lady. It can get sort of embarrassing when I move and discover I don’t bend that way any more. The health issues remind me everyday that I’m not seventeen.  

I think we all struggle with this!! Lisa, when was the last time you felt alive? I mean really alive! 

I’m not sure I ever have.

Then that might be something for your bucket list!  After a difficult day what do you do to recuperate? Does it work?

The difficult days a rare now. When I retired removed a lot of my stress and need to unwind.

Lisa, thank you so much for being with us today!  We appreciate the candid reply too.  It’s nice to get to know someone deeper than the surface.  We wish you all the best with your novel, “Wolfkeeper’s Woman.”

Here’s a synopsis of her wonderful novel, Wolfkeeper’s Woman:

A country where the strong survive. Some people are strong of body. Other people are strong in spirit.
The warrior Wolfkeeper is such a man. A man not only physically strong but strong-willed with a wisdom beyond his years. A wisdom that serves his people well.
Until the day he begins to question how he could have tender feelings for someone he considers an enemy.
There were no pangs of conscience when he took the child for his brother and sister-in-law to raise. They had no children of their own. The Mother even though an enemy the infant wouldn’t survive the journey if he hadn’t brought her along.
Cassie raised in an orphanage only recently began to believe she found happiness. Now she learned to hate. She just wants her son back. Thrown into an unfamiliar lifestyle and unable to communicate she must learn how to stay alive for her son.
She will learn the language. She will follow the rules. She will do anything she needs to get her son back… But will it be enough?

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