The Writing Duo – Part One

K.R. and I thought it might be nice to give you, our reader, a little back history on us.  This is part one of the writing duo known as K.R. Hughes and T.L. Burns.


~~~~~We began our journey as a writing team with great joy and anticipation of spending countless hours together; laughing and doing our normal stuff, on a day to day basis.  We are besties, actually we transcend besties in every normal way, we are sisters and best friends and we respect each other’s gifts and talents as what they are; God given.

Once the decision had been made to follow through on this story we realized that while it could be some fun and there should be some normalcy, writing together would be anything but that.  Poor me, T.L. would sift through countless internet articles, research endless bios and auto biographies until my eyes were crossed and tired.  K.R. would then take my notes on Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy or whoever, and reduce them to a three paragraph recap.

What actually makes us a great team is that I love research and K.R. hates it.  I really do enjoy compiling information in a way that makes sense.  K.R. appreciates that about me and my ability to smile when she reduces all of that work to a short pile of rubble.  I in turn appreciate that K.R. can word things to be suspenseful and not at all girly.  She’s been accused of being a sparse writer, allowing the reader to fill in the décor and details as they wish.  Hemmingway was much the same but she doesn’t share his depression or mood swings.

While writing book one and two of the What She Knew Trilogy, we enjoyed countless hours at our favorite neighborhood restaurant where the refill on soda was plentiful and the quiet was assured.  We thrive on the back ground noise in this atmosphere and do our best writing in the company of numerous others we don’t know.~~~~~

We hope you enjoyed this little tid bit of our back story.  Blessings,

K.R. and T.L.








6 thoughts on “The Writing Duo – Part One

  1. Hmmm….what can I say about u two…..other than I love u to Heaven and back and that is quite a lot. I like to watch the new accomplishments and achievements the 2 of u conquer each day, even if ya’ll are miles apart. You 2 are my heroes!! ( and ‘no’, I will not start singing that song !) It’s not that I can’t sing, lol, it’s just that I don’t know all the words!!!!! The next surprise event, I think that is going to have everyone guessing……(1)who the 2 of u have picked (besides me! lol!) to be Marilyn, in the Marilyn movie…..and of course…(3)… the first biggie, will be when will the movie come out!!!!! Another important question of course, will be…(2)… when will ya’ll start filming the movie. ( Excuse me, but I think I got the questions, back-ass-wards, but I think u know what I mean! JELLY BEANS!) So, I predict that ya’ll will be answering a lot of questions, soon. Because u know inquiring minds want to know!!!!!! With this last statement, because I told u that I was cutting my ‘novelette’ short this time…..the nest to the last statement is that, ‘yes’ I’m still president of your Fan Club! I promise, this is the last statement….I feel that I will be really busy, very soon and that’s alright with me!

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