KD Emerson and Digitus 233!

Hi everyone!  What a great day.  We have the pleasure of having one of our all time favorite people here with us!!  K.D. Emerson!!  She is such a great friend, author and publisher!  How many authors do you know that can honestly say they love their publisher?  Well, we can. 

kim emerson

It’s our pleasure to honor her today.  It happens to be WOW Wednesday and Ms. Emerson’s birthday!  Woot!!  Without further interruption, let’s meet K.D. Emerson the Author:

Now I (T.L.) have known Kim for the better part of 25 years!!  So I thought it would be fun to share some weird and wacky things I have discovered about her over the years….I am posting this pop quiz to see if any of you can guess the three things on this list that K.D. Emerson has NOT done in her life. I’m sure you will agree the things left on the list equal a pretty interesting life.

Here is a list of possible facts about K.D. Emerson. What three things are false?

1. Ridden a wild horse

2. Ridden an unicycle

3. Worked at a bank

4. Worked at a carnival

5. Got expelled from school a week before high school graduation

6. Never got expelled from school

7. Sold her first story at age eight

8. Was in a moving traffic accident with a truck that had no driver

9. Won a dance contest in high school

10. Lived at the top of a mountain with a pack of wolves

11. Her first published work was three lines long

12. Received a 5 star review from her ex-husband after they were divorced

13. Loves cotton candy

14. Acted in and directed live theatre

15. Tore the finger board off a grand piano while performing on stage

You can leave your guesses in our comment section below.  The one who is closest to the right answer will win a copy of Digitus 233!!

We asked K.D. Emerson if she could go back in time to when she was seven years old, what wisdom or advice would she pass on to herself?

Don’t you dare put that pen down! No matter what anyone says, no matter how impractical it might seem, don’t put the pen down because when you get older there will be people that love your style and your writing will make a difference in their lives.

Kim, please finish this statement for us:  My favorite character from Digitus 233 is _________. How did you come up with that character?

All my characters are created from the dark corners of my mind with a little snippet of their personality inspired by a real person. So no matter whom your favorite character is in one of my books you will know there is someone real hidden in there somewhere. It’s up to the reader to figure out what that snippet is.

One thing we have been dying to ask, why did you end Digitus 233 with such a horrifying cliff hanger? It made me want to scream! I sat and thought about possibilities for a long time after finishing the novel. Well, you just hit the answer to your own question right on the head. I wanted my readers to scream out and then I wanted them to use their own imagination to come up with their own possible ending. In book two I will share my conclusion with them and then we can compare how close we came in to having the same resolution.

What is a short synopsis for Digitus 233?

A group of teens are caught in a web of deceit. Will they break free of the world’s controlling power or are they doomed to die trying?

Here’s what other readers are saying:

• This book has a fascinating storyline and great characters with hidden talents. When I got to the end, I kept trying to flip to the next page before I realized it was a cliffhanger. No! I MUST know what happens next! ~ Laurie Boris • Looking for fantastic characters and a breath-holding, heart-pounding, hair-raising edge of your seat good time? Then look no further, Digitus 233 has it all ~ Maria

• This knocked The Hunger Games right out of the running for me (and that’s one of my favorites!) ~ Dominique

• This sort of tale-spinning takes TALENT! All I’ve gotta say is this: KD – you’d better get the sequel written pretty darn quickly…!! ~ Liberty

• Digitus 233 is an excellent example of an author whose characters look and sound real, and whose behaviour – while not always exemplary – rings true to me ~ Lynette

• If you’re a teacher, this is a book that is sure to capture the interest of your entire class! If you’re a parent with a reluctant reader, I’d definitely suggest downloading this book to get him/her interested in reading! ~ Anne

Digitus Cover Dec 3

Message from K.D. Emerson to her readers:

Thanks to all the readers of my work and for your precious input. I don’t think you realize how much it means to me. Each one of you has given me a gift with your kind words. May God bless you in every step you take and may your life be filled with that glorious peace that passes all understanding.


K.D. Emerson loves writing thought provoking and action filled stories that bring her readers back for more. Although her writings deal with the evils of the world, she dishes out healthy doses of laughter and fun along the way.

K.D. spends her free time wrangling wild horses, rafting down the Amazon, hang gliding on a toothpick and when she’s awake you will find her working on her next adventure or assisting other authors in creating their dreams.

Here are all the links so you can connect with this amazing lady!!

Author blog: http://digitus233.com/category/blog/

Publisher Website: http://masterkodaselectpublishing.com/

Connect with her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kimmutch.emerson

Twitter connection: @MstrKoda

Amazon book link: http://www.amazon.com/Digitus-233-Series-K-D-Emerson-ebook/dp/B00AQJ7NKA/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_i

Thanks so much for joining us today!  We hope you will take a minute and check out this awesome book.  Remember, to leave your comment below with your guesses as to what three things Kim Emerson has NOT done in her life.  You could win a copy of Digitus 233 for yourself.


K.R. and T.L.




2 thoughts on “KD Emerson and Digitus 233!

  1. So…I am dying to know, who was your favorite character in Digitus 233? You left it blank. Bwahahaha!

    Thanks for featuring me on your blog Tamy and Kim, you guys are the bestest!

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