Black Friday/Cyber Monday – 5 Compelling Reasons to Buy Our Books!

New Cover 2013 02    New Cover 2013 Book 2

Number 5:

As the final sale before the holidays, all ebook versions of Fateful Night and Darkest Day will only be .99 cents from Friday, Nov 29 to Monday, Dec 2. If you amortize that cost over all the words in either book, you get into negative territory. Which means that you’re actually making money not spending it and can you afford NOT to buy it? (Isn’t this brilliant reasoning for a blond?)

Number 4:

As these are not just  boring old economics textbooks, but historical thrillers, reading them will result in shocks and awes. (One hopes, otherwise we’ll never get to quit our day job.) And experiencing shock is a proven calorie burner. Therefore, given that this is the season to indulge, buying and reading these books will allow you to partake with slightly less guilt. Win win!

Number 3:

When you buy either book you can then refer to yourself as a PATRON OF THE ARTS, with all the importance that this statement deserves. Hence the writing of it in caps. While that label will not necessarily help you achieve career success, it can give you major cred at certain holiday parties.

Number 2:

Because you can use this visual aide while reading either book!


Who wanted her dead? And why?

And, drum roll please, the number 1 compelling reason to buy our books during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday holiday sale:

You could win a KINDLE HD and a $25.00 Amazon gift card!! Early Merry Christmas to YOU!! What more could you want?

Convinced? Of course you are!!  So join us either this Friday, Saturday or Monday for the biggest EVENT of the season.  And, no, you don’t have to dress up or get up at 2:00 in the morning to stand in line for HUGE savings! Here’s the link:


K.R. and T.L.

International link for Fateful Night:

International link for Darkest Day:








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