Please Welcome Author Doug Simpson!

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Today I bring you a sneak peek at a truly interesting book, The Soul of Jesus. But before I do that I just want to share the beautiful cover.

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Excerpt from Chapter 10 of The Soul of Jesus.

Many of you will be reasonably familiar with the story of the birth of Jesus in a manger in Bethlehem, but that birth in a manger was no accident resulting from the Inn being full. The events that took place on that historical day were all a carefully crafted and fairly secretive Essene undertaking. The Innkeeper of the establishment that Mary and Joseph were “turned away” from, along with his family, were long-time members of the Essenes, and Mary and Joseph were astutely detoured away from the busy Inn to the pre-prepared and waiting – “the den, the cave, the stable” which apparently had been used in the past for the stabling of animals but no longer served that purpose, and was used for lodging on occasions when the Inn was truly full.

The manger had not been removed. Herod the Great had heard the stories of the impending birth of “The King of the Jews”, and had his henchmen out looking for the imminent birth of this new King. The cave accommodations kept everyone away from the Holy Family who were not a party to the secret arrangements. This story will be revealed in much greater detail in the upcoming chapter on the birth of Jesus.

Remember the wise men who were supposed to return, after the birth of the new King, to reveal his location to Herod the Great, but did not do so, causing Herod to later proclaim that all male infants in the Bethlehem area be put to death? [Matthew 2:13-16.] Judy and the Essenes were also responsible for smuggling The Holy Family, in a caravan of pilgrims out of Judea, under the cover of darkness, on their journey to Egypt. This story will also be revealed in much greater detail in the upcoming chapter on Jesus’ early years.

And now you know why Judy, leader of the Essenes, was the most important person in the life of Jesus who was not mentioned by name in the Bible.

The Soul of Jesus was written by Doug Simpson. I hope you enjoyed the excerpt.

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Book Release Party is this coming Sat, Feb 8th!!  So come party with us and celebrate the release of Doug Simpson’s newest book, The Soul of Jesus:

Blessings everyone!

K.R. and T.L.






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