Please Welcome Author Nese Ellyson!!

Hi everyone!

We have a special treat today, author Nese Ellyson has stopped by to share her newest release “Darke Heat.” Here’s a little bout the story:

Darke Heat

Great cover, right! 

DEA Agent Bryce Prescott is back in Darke County to ask beautiful Page Conner for another one of her specially trained dogs so he can catch a drug lord who likes explosives. The only problem is, the last dog he borrowed ended up pregnant.

Page is none too pleased to have Bryce coming back around. She still carries a grudge from him walking out on her when he thought she couldn’t handle his profession. He took her dog, Sheba, with him and that has her seeing red; but when a dead body is found on her property she needs his help.

Someone is out to get her and they have no choice but to team up and catch some killers.

Here’s some info about the author, Nese Ellyson:

Denise Ellyson

Nese Ellyson lives in a small town in rural Ohio with her own Prince Charming, two boys, and a cat they rescued. She’s an avid fan of romance, particularly when it has a suspense element. She’s always brimming with ideas and loves getting her thoughts down on paper. She’s active in house renovating and loves to hear from her readers. You can find her on face book at  and on twitter at

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

There was a commotion out in the hallway. Two deep voices were talking. Paige smiled, knowing who they were by the sounds of their voices. Seconds later, her brothers came into the room carrying a potted plant and a balloon.

“Hey, Paige, what’ve you been doing with yourself?” asked Colt as he leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“Besides blowing up stuff that is,” said Dane. He waited for Colt to back away, and then leaned over to give her a kiss as well.

She drank in the sight of them. It had been a couple of months now since she’d seen them. Colt looked a little thinner and pale as if he was recovering, which he was. He’d been shot in the chest, and one of his lungs had collapsed, but they had gotten him out of wherever he was and doctored him up.

Dane had the most dramatic change. His eyes were harder. The sharp angles to his face more pronounced. He looked meaner and more dangerous than ever before. But he and Colt looked beautiful to her.

“I didn’t blow up anything,” she countered.

“That’s not what I hear. I hear you’ve got drugs, gangs, and dog fights going on over at your place,” said Colt.

“Good hunting if you ask me,” Dane replied, then held up his knuckles so Colt could tap them with his own in agreement.

“Guys, don’t go getting into trouble until I get out of here, so I can be available to post bail.”

“Colt, I think she thinks were troublemakers,” Dane said in mock offense.

“Why, we wouldn’t dream of causing any more trouble than you already have,” replied Colt.

“Well now, let’s see if there’s anything else left to cause trouble. Seems sis here’s already had dead bodies, blown up houses, gun fire…”

“Oh yeah, lots of gun fire. I like that, Dane,” interjected Colt.

“Kidnapping, explosions, fires, breaking and entering. Well hell! Colt, she ain’t’ left us no fun. She done did it all,” Dane said in a disappointed tone.

“You know, bro, I thought we went in the military to get to do all that stuff.”

“You’re right. We did.”

“So how come sis here’s been seeing all the action?”

“Good question. If I’d known I could do it in my own backyard, I wouldn’t have had them fly my butt out to a desert where no one speaks English.”

“Yeah, seems they should’ve let us know that. I might have to have me that talk with Agent Prescott.”

“If you two clowns are done making fun of me, maybe you could find out when I can leave and how Bryce is doing.”

“Sure will, sis. You just sit there and get comfortable and we’ll get to gettin’.” Dane smiled at her. “Giving us orders already. Glad you’re okay, sis.”

“No shooting and no blowing anything up either!” she yelled after them as they walked out discussing various methods of hunting using C-four and semi-automatics.

Paige smiled after they left. God, it felt good to have the boys back.

Oh, man!  We can’t wait to read this.  You can preorder it right now, only $3.99.

Thank you Denise for stopping by and sharing your good news with us.  Folks, be sure and check out her book on Amazon.  Here’s the link: and remember, you can preorder it.


Denise is doing something special for one lucky blog reader.  She’s offered to give away a $15.00 Starbucks Gift Card.  Woot!!  For every one who comments on this particular blog post that they are attending her book release party this coming Sunday at noon EST, in the comment area below, we will enter your name in for your chance to win the gift card!!  Contest will go on from now until noon EST Sunday!!  Here’s the link for the release party:

Good luck to all!!

K.R. and T.L.


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