Marilyn Monroe Christmas

MM giving Christmas

Hi all!!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Or, so the song goes.  For most, it is a wonderful time, but for some, it’s a very hard time.  Hard emotionally, financially and physically.  We understand how hard the holidays can be on a person.  You could be grieving a loved one, struggling financially, have physical ailments, or just be emotionally bankrupt.  It can be all a person can do just to get up in the morning and face the day, much less add the burden of cooking, shopping, decorating, etc.

So, on that note, we wanted to bring you something that would not add to your burden, but hopefully lighten it.  Marilyn Monroe was no stranger to struggle. Her childhood was anything but good.  Even as an adult, the weight of being a sex symbol, a super star if you will, was overwhelming and lonely. She often talked of being so alone even though there were hundreds of people around her every day.

However, she managed to smile through the tears. To rise above, and even give joy to others.  She was always giving y helping the underdog, attending benefits, and just giving of herself.  She was a big part of the USO tours. She attended many charity functions for children, several she supported up until her death.  She would always take time to listen to others, giving them not only empathy, but a helping hand where she could.

This is what we want to give to you!  The freedom to just be there for someone else.  Don’t just dwell on your struggles, problems, and hurdles. Reach out!  Give to others.  It doesn’t have to be money or gifts either.  Your time, your listening ear, your smile are what really matter to a hurting world.  There is no downside to giving.  As you pour yourself out to anther, you will find yourself filled with hope and healing.


K.R. and T.L.

P.S. Our books are on sale for the holidays!  Only .99 cents. Marilyn’s unlived story.


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