Cassandra’s Castle is Heading to TV!!

Dianne Gardner 1-me painting2

Dianne Gardner (Artist Extraordinaire)

Hi all!!

Dianne Gardner, one of our dearest and most talented friends, has stopped by to share some exciting news with us!!  She and her ever devoted team, are working hard to make Cassandra’s Castle into a TV series.  She has an IndieGoGo campaign all set up to help make this dream a reality.  Here’s the link: 

For a donation, and remember there’s no such thing as too small a donation, you will get anything from your name in lights (ok, maybe not in lights, but you will be listed in the production) to “Crown the King” which includes their very own costume designer making you a custom made costume for your generous donation, in addition to the following perks: an autographed movie poster, a digital copy of Cassandra’s Castle, a screen credit on website and trailer invitation to premiere AND Your limited edition hard copy of Cassandra’s Castle will be illustrated with behind the scenes photographs from the film and signed by cast. Woot!!  How exciting is that? 

We personally can’t wait for this to become a reality.  We’ve read Dianne’s books and seen her paintings, and let us just say, SHE ROCKS!! 

Our question to Dianne was this:  How did all this begin?


Portrait by Dianne Gardner

Talk about a romance?

I first began research for Cassandra’s Castle the same time a friend and I began a genealogy research for her grandfather. It was said her grandpa was related to Portuguese royalty. He was also a Catholic Priest. Of course, he and her grandmother had never been photographed together.

Touched by their forbidden love, and the heartache they must have experienced (they presumably had three children together and the woman had to raise them as an unwed mother in an era that threw a blanket of shame over that behavior) I felt compelled to paint a portrait of the two together. It was a very emotional experience for me.

In the midst of imagining their pain, I also uncovered the tragic events in Portugal that occurred, events this man had escaped by swimming across a river and exiling himself to a foreign country.

Near him, a young 18 year old boy witnessed his father and brother suddenly murdered in a public square. Overnight he became the ruler of a nation in the midst of a rebellion. With no real training, he was forced to make critical decisions that would shape his country. For three years he tried with his mother’s assistance and then the castle was bombed and he was exiled to England for the rest of his short life.


The story of Manuel II, the last king of Portugal is a heartbreaking story. Just as I felt the need to paint my friend’s grandparents in a memorial portrait which sealed them together, I felt the need to paint history over again for this young king.

Having already been writing an outline for book V of the Ian’s Realm Saga, I outlined a historical fantasy into Cassandra’s Castle.

The story is what has drawn our cast and crew. As you listen to Karolyn Grimes speak, you’ll understand the pull. We know we have a fan base for this series and we’ve done as much work as we can without money. Time has come to ask for financial support.

Please read the synopsis and about the work we’ve been doing on our website

Personal Interview of Karolyn Zuzu Grimes:


Dianne, thank you so much for sharing your exciting news with us!!  We will keep everyone apprised on the progress and look forward to seeing Cassandra’s Castle on TV soon!!  And everyone, please note, funding for this project needs to be in by April 1st, 2015.


K.R. and T.L.


5 thoughts on “Cassandra’s Castle is Heading to TV!!

  1. Good luck Dianne!
    It sounds like an awesome project, wish I had the wealth of a King to give, the handmade costume is a killer idea.

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