Poetry – Marilyn Style!

USA. New York. Long Island. US actress Marilyn MONROE. 1955.

Hi all!

Thought we’d give you a treat today.  Some poetry by Marilyn Monroe herself.  We plan on doing this off and on for a few weeks.  Enjoy!!


I left my home of green rough wood,

A blue velvet couch.

I dream till now

A shiny dark bush

Just left of the door.

Down the walk

Clickity clack

As my doll in her carriage

Went over the cracks-

“We’ll go far away.”

Doll carriage


K.R. and T.L.

International link for Fateful Night – http://dld.bz/cJc8C

International link for Darkest Day – http://dld.bz/dpPTS

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2 thoughts on “Poetry – Marilyn Style!

  1. Marilyn was so much ‘deeper’ than she was given credit for back in the day! Thanks for sharing.

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