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Poetry – Marilyn Style Continues!


Hi again!

We hope your weekend was wonderful.  We’ve been busy ourselves.  Lots of family stuff, friends, trips and the ever popular, chores.  With Spring in full bloom, we’ve been cleaning out, organizing and giving away ‘stuff’ that we no longer need.  What about you?  Have you been bit with the spring bug to purge, clean and organize?

Well, with all that said, we wanted to share another few poems from Marilyn.  These are fun, and reveal a deepness in her that few knew.  Enjoy!!


Don’t cry my doll

Don’t cry

I hold you and rock you to sleep

Hush hush

I’m pretending now

I’m not your mother who died.

MM Cript


I am of both your directions

Existing more with the cold frost

Strong as a cobweb in the wind

Hanging downward the most

Somehow remaining

those beaded rays have the colours

I’ve seen in paintings-ah life

they have cheated you

thinner than a cobweb’s thread

sheerer than any-

but it did attach itself

and held fast in strong winds

and singed by the leaping hot fires

life-of which at singular times

I am both of your directions-

somehow I remain hanging downward

the most

as both of your directions pull me.

It’s amazing to us how much sadness was in this woman who was so ‘loved’ by the public. It goes to show that we really don’t know the people around us, even the people we are closest too. So, for this next week, take time. Take time to notice the ‘Marilyn’s’ in your life and show them kindness and tell them how much you appreciate and love them.


K.R. and T.L.

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What if the hokey pokey is what it’s all about?

Like us, we are sure you’ve seen this phrase before. It’s imprinted on T-shirts, bumper stickers and posters. And every time we see it, it always makes us laugh! What if the hokey pokey really is what it’s all about?

The hokey cokey (United Kingdom) or hokey pokey (United States, Canada, Ireland, and Australia), is a participation dance with a distinctive accompanying tune and lyric structure. It’s well-known in English-speaking countries. It’s of unclear origin, with two main traditions having evolved in different parts of the world. The only thing for sure, is that in the U.S. it became very popular in the 1950’s as THE party song.

For those who aren’t familiar how the dance is done, the participants stand in a circle. On “in” they put the appropriate body part in the circle, and on “out” they put it out of the circle. On “And you shake it all about”, the body part is shaken three times (on “shake”, “all”, and “-bout”, respectively). Simple, yet even for those who are coordinated, mistakes are made and laughs are shared.

It seems that when folks are participating, concentrating on the movements at hand, and listening to the voice of the singer/leader; they are able to feel a kind of gleeful abandon. No one is self-conscious, nor are they overly critical of others. When you bump into each other, make a mistake, or fall on your bottom side, everyone laughs along with you but not at you. In fact, it makes the dance/game even more fun if there are a few ‘mistakes.’ Where other activities of life demand a certain amount of proficiency, the Hokey Pokey is all about being in the moment and participating with your whole self.


When you think about it, this is how life should be. Living life to the fullest, following the leader, enjoying each and every moment, sharing laughter, assisting others, and looking forward to the next step. Simple really. Even a child of three gets this. Oh, to be childlike once again. Here’s wishing you a ‘hokey pokey’ life.

Blessings, K.R. and T.L.
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