The Writing Duo – Part Two

K.R. and I thought it might be nice to give you, our reader, a little back history on us.  This is part two of the writing duo known as K.R. Hughes and T.L. Burns.


~~~~~ T.L. Burns and K.R. Hughes are small town girls with a big idea.  It all started with an advanced writing class that posed the challenge to come up with something that has never been done before.  While pondering this scenario over dinner with the hubbies, CNN flashed the news of Anna Nicole Smith’s death.

The shocking similarities in Anna and Marilyn’s death got them onto the subject of how everyone wants to emulate Marilyn Monroe’s looks and charm to somehow capture the sex appeal that attracted both sexes to her.  After a bit of musing, the idea struck T.L. that an ‘altered’ history of sorts would make a great novel.  What if Marilyn Monroe had lived?  What if What She Knew could save John F. Kennedy from assassination?  But more importantly what if the world could see a Marilyn Monroe that was vulnerable, lost and in need of help?

While K.R. put together the details and plot, T.L. did endless research on the subject and then the collaboration took place until both were satisfied.  Once the first book was completed, the authors realized there was enough material to make a trilogy.  As of this date, Hughes and Burns have published book one, Fateful Night, and are about to release book two, Darkest Day (release date is Sept 17th).  Currently, they are working on book three of the trilogy, name to yet be determined.~~~~~

We hope you enjoyed part two of our story. If you have any questions about us or our process, please ask away in the comment section below.  We look forward to hearing from you.


K.R. and T.L.







New Cover 2013 02


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